friends glorious friends

me, ben, graham, kate
garret, ben, randy - the bearded men
donovan - cutest toddler (randy + linny's)
lindsay (linny), bybes (emily), me (emily)
touching the belly
we love psychedelic artwork. (ben, me, randy, donovan, lindsay, emilybybes, garret)

while in st george, utah - ben and i hit up 25 main, the cupcake parlor to meet kate and graham, our bloggy friends. now we are real life friends! it was all very exciting, and really i'm just glad kate and graham are awesome and in no way awkward! i love it when online dating other couples works out.
let's plan a trip guys. that or we'll come visit you in portland sometime soon.

linny, randy and donovan
have family in st george as well- so we got to see them a couple times, both in st george and the salt lake city. i like that. i look up to this little family. their love of the outdoors really inspires me.

we got to see the new home of bybes and garret (all three of my college best friends own homes. holy smokes.), scared away a perched bird and got dinner all together (with l,r,d too). bybes and garret are just the coolest cats. they do cool things like find sloths and enormous spiders in costa rica.

hey all. we love you. thanks for hangin'.


laden backpack said...

good friends like family have ties
that go through life and I suspect
into the stretch of the great beyond,
nice blog

communikate. said...

but seriously, let's hang out again soon okay?! :)

C said...

It is wonderful to friends! I love the picture of Donovan, but then I am totally biased on my Donovan love. It was great to see you at Christmas and I hope you have a great time in NY.

Emily said...

Thanks for blogging and uploading pictures! My blog hopes to be like yours when it grows up. Could you email me any pics and videos you got? :) Just so I can blog, ya know. :) Gar and I just watched the bird videos last night and every time I think about him squealing "BIIIIIRRRRDDIIIEEE" I laugh my guts out. Which is awkward at work.

I'm SO glad we got to hang out. It was wonderful and way too short (as always). YOU are the coolest cats. MUAH.

sienna said...

happy that you all got to hang out, but totally depressed that we weren't there. boo. let's schedule these things better next time, ok? love ya. looks like you guys made the most of your utah time.

Jennifer M. said...

That is some cool art behind you!

Linds said...

love you.

i also love that my son loves you. and that he will give you the cutest cheesiest faces ever!

i don't think i can wait for your next visit . . .

kELLO! said...

every one gets to meet except me. BOO!
glad it wasn't awkward. just a heads up if we ever meet- i'm extremely awkward. haha. i can't help it. i used to do it on purpose to be funny because awkward situations are just that- funny! but now it comes so natural that i embarrass james all the time. i'm trying to work on it :)