harlem. cute harlem. (an explanation of its under-appreciation)

lately i have been noticing a trend in my life:

i kept/keep feeling marginalized because i am feminist and mormon and also because i am mormon and a feminist.

now i am faced with feeling ostracized by my peers/coworkers for living in harlem (that is until they see our incredible apartment) but i also feel like some neighbors don't love for me/us to live here. not that i feel threatened or unhappy really... but can't somebody love me for living in harlem? or being a feministmormon?

what i'm really trying to say is i love harlem.

i love that most all of the storefronts are ugly/contemporary/unsightly and the floors above the storefronts are beautiful.
i love wild olive market, so very close to us. we make so many little trips there that the workers know us and at least one of them is nice and makes conversation. they are finally starting to remember we "don't need a bag." (we try to bring our own bags every time or just carry what we buy.)
i love the street vendors, the random second-hand items, the cocoa butter, the essentials oil and the large-statement earrings.
i love the quiet streets lined with brownstones, some beautifully preserved and others boarded up and sad looking.
i love all the hole-in-the-wall restaurants. and soul food places. and even though i am not brave enough to try half of them, i do intend to try the other half.
i love that church is a short walk away.
i love finding gems likes parks, cafes, museums and historical sites.

what i'm really trying to say is, don't miss harlem when you visit nyc. it's rad. under-appreciated. a unique part of manhattan, nyc.

i realize this post deserves better photos and i plan to get those. promise. promises, promises.


laden backpack said...

Well now, your synopsis of Harlem is certainly partial but not complete. In such a short treatise, complete would be next to impossible but that is not a problem. I thought it was odd that that is were you were going to live, Harlem doesn't have the most impressive reputation in the country. I was converted when I got off the bus and walked to your amazing apartment, I could live there and be
really happy...you wouldn't be so happy with me living there but the fact that I am not is probably one of the reasons you love Harlem so much.

Brooklyn said...

I've been to New York several times but never Harlem...next time though! Love this post!

laden backpack said...

duh, just noticed Ben coming up the stairs from the subway. The top of his
head. Nice shot

kELLO! said...

i would visit harlem to see you! and i'm not mormon or a feminist! and we're still friends, right? i won't ostracize you.

Linds said...

i love you for living in harlem & being a ladyfightermormon.