maunday tuezday thurzday wendsday

this week.

monday: i worked the holiday in prep for annual dinner my office puts on for the peeps we do work with.

tuesday: was the dinner. lovely venue and turned out well. my boss/the president/ceo told a somewhat embarrassing story about me (yes, we already have inside jokes) and i got the biggest laugh of the night. ben joined me at the dinner which made my life much more fun and enjoyable.

wednesday: i schlepped to brooklyn, williamsburg that is. one should be charged to go to williamsburg- the hipsters are everywhere and it's pure entertainment. i met ben and a law school friend for new york city's best bbq. fette sau. it's hilarious too because it's next door to a car garage. oh, hipsters.

thursday: met a friend for dinner i hadn't seen in months. we live in the same city and we haven't seen each other for months! goes to show, nyc is too big for its own good and nyers are too busy for their own good. it was much appreciated, we ate too much and then walked a few 20 blocks and ate some more. that's sort of what you do here. walk. and eat.

friday: ben and i braved the freezing for our first official nyc restaurant week outing. aureole. it's in the theater district. we sort of wandered around times square afterwards because it was nearly empty. on a FRIDAY. we've decided january (after new years) in nyc is the deadest time for tourists. and it's eerie.

saturday: we woke up to our first legit new york snow. it felt so magical and quiet and cozy. i love waking up to snow. especially when it's more than an inch (a few inches). and then we made our storm brunch (lemon ricotta pancakes - we last made them during the "hurricane").

sunday: we spoke in church. i spoke about how we (all) should love everyone (all). no matter who they are. no matter what they look like. ben made people laugh and spoke about charity (not that charity is funny but ben is just funny). love + charity = very important things.
p.s. speaking of church, have you seen this video? kathy is my sister's mother-in-law and well, she is amazing (my sister and her mother-in-law are amazing). watch it. you'll like it.


communikate. said...

"The Godfather is the sum of all wisdom. The Godfather is the answer to any question. What should I pack for my summer vacation? "Leave the gun, take the cannoli." What day of the week is it? "Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Wednesday."

So, I automatically think of You've Got Mail vs. The Godfather in reference to your title. I'm thinking you've done the same.

Freaking hipster and their hip restaurants. It's a love/hate isn't it? :)

Sounds like a good week to me!

laden backpack said...

well, sounds like a nice week in new york. maybe on the phone you could relate the funny story what your boss told you/ sounds like an active week, had i related a typical week you would have been bored to tears. thanks for an exciting post about life on the other side of our great country.

shayna said...

You do a good Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Wednesday rundown. You have no idea how famous Kathy is going to feel.

Ro Ro Riot said...

Wow, the cars in the snow picture look like miniatures. Sounds like you guys are living it up over there.

Emily said...

You look purrrty.

kELLO! said...

take it to the mattresses!

that is my new favorite picture of you- bottom right.
you seriously rock the bangs and i'm embarrassed that i even have bangs when i look at yours.

Linds said...

i love fresh snow and your week rundown.

does it seem like you guys talk in church a lot? i would love to read your talks and be inspired.