places to eat in utah

saint george, utah

in n out burger
well, this is really a california treat... but because st george is often quite sunny and warm, i'm am finally ok attending in n out in southern utah. #2, no onions, vanilla shake (or ben get's #1, extra pickles).

larsen's frostop
glaciers. got me through high school. (soft serve ice cream with slushie.)

cafe rio
this delicious tex-mex-mexican-now-chain started in saint george, utah. i remember when it opened. those were the days. there is even a cafe rio in rural maryland. pork salad. pork pork pork. get the pork.

25 main

i just think this a really cute local place for st george. cupcakes. food for lunch. and $1 cupcakes after 7pm. fab. fab.

cedar city, utah

all american diner
if you're looking for a cultural experience and just a rad rad diner... go here. cheap breakfast (like $5). and everyone wears wranglers two sizes too small.

provo, utah

spark is sort of known for their non-alcoholic drinks. i guess that is to cater to the many mormons in provo, utah (many mormons abstain from alcohol). mango mojito. simply citrus. and their southwest burger is also very delicious.
(above photos taken at spark)

the zagat dining guide speaks highly of communal. there are many "new american" sort of dishes to choose from- which can be shared or consumed by one. see my little review here.

bombay house
really impressive indian food. it always amazes me. garlic naan. peshwari naan. chicken tikka masala. chicken makhani. lamb mushroom. lamb coconut korma. all so good.

j dawgs
a new take on hot dogs. for me, it's mostly fun for the memories. memories like these.

provo bakery
orange rolls. it's the orange rolls!


Linds said...

I shouldn't be reading this during lunch-hour. I'm super hungry :)

Grape glacier. I'm going to get one today.

Miss Bear said...

Eric just moved to Provo to start school...I will have to send these to him for date ideas! :)

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

My husband is from St. George and we are always looking for yummy places to eat when we are down there! I will be trying this $1 cupcake dealio at 25 main. Excited to say the least! Oh and I need some Orange Rolls in my life!