snowboarding and how it explains our relationship. (and a video)

examples of how snowboarding explains our relationship:
the year we got engaged (2007), we both got season passes to snowbird so we could enjoy the slopes as often as possible- and snowboard together.
ben was much more advanced than me at this point- so there were a lot of pep talks from ben to emily and a lot of frustrated emily. this illustrates how ben is the optimistic one.

we got engaged while snowboarding on dec 15, 2007. this forever set the precedent that snowboarding is romantic and so important to us- and will be even when we have tiny people around, we will teach them to snowboard as well.

nowadays, snowboarding examples of our relationship:
getting off the chairlift, i always have major anxiety and ben tells me it will be ok (much like regular day to day things).
we save up for activities and travel - aka - expensive lift tickets, even when the snow is bad--- it's worth it to us.
going down the mountain, ben is ahead of me, encouraging me. making me feel better. as always.
and finally, i usually am the one to bring food/water/treats and taking all the photos- just like any other outing we go on.

needless to say, snowboarding is our thang.


laden backpack said...

I don't think I have ever seen
snowbird looking more bare than in your pics. If I didn't know better
I would say the video was taken at
Sundance or some other lower elevation
ski area. I hope we don't hace a drought this year but the signs are
grim, good thing you got some romantic
snowboarding in when you could. Flowers on the slopes in February.

communikate. said...

Yes, what's with the lack of snow everywhere?! Is Al Gore right?! (see: Global Warming) IDK.. Either way it's strange.

And your thoughts on snowboarding and love is to concerts and love for graham and i. Music is our thang! :)

Fun pictures. Hope you guys made it home safe!

carla thorup said...

there is no snow here. it's crazy. i'm stoked you guys got to go. i've been thinking we should go again (since it's been like... 5 years) but we'll see if we make it up there or not. not as die hard as you lovebirds.

TheSkiBug Airport Transfers said...

Love it - we met skiing and snowboarding and now run a ski business going Meribel airport transfers

Linds said...

I hate getting off the chairlift.
I love your videos.
I hate drought.
I love the fair winter we're having.

kELLO! said...

i wish i could snowboard. i'm a skier. well. a skier in michigan, so does that even count?
you're a very cool snowboarder with your outfit and all. and the braids.