waxy fall leaves

back in november, i gathered many multi-colored leaves at a park in our harlem neighborhood with every intention of waxing them and hanging them on the wall like so.
it's january and i finally got around to it.

and if i knew it would be so easy, maybe i would have done it sooner!

i found a pin on pinterest with a how-to on waxing fall leaves. i knew i wanted to do it- i remember once paying 25 or 50 cents at a vermont farmers' market to wax a fall leaf and loved it. loved the idea of preserving those pretty and colorful leaves.

i followed the directions adapted from [here]:

1. gather leaves
2. buy disposable aluminum roasting pan (like $3)
3. buy paraffin wax (i found mine at a hardware store - like $4-$6)
4. melt the wax, in the pan, on the stove, over low heat
5. lay out newspaper and then wax paper over the counter so the waxed leaves can dry on the wax paper
6. hold the stem of the leaf and dip in the wax
7. do a couple coats if you like (no more than 2)
8. let leaves dry- you may need to gently pry the leaves off the wax paper with a knife
9. tie string/thread to stems of the leaves
10. hang with push pins or something similar

enjoy the pretty leaves all year.


laden backpack said...

is this how they do the fallen
leaves of Hollywood? Amazing stuff my creative friend. Interesting, thanks

shayna said...

Ah fall leaves, reminds me of my past life.

communikate. said...

I gathered leaves twice in the fall for this activity and they dried up/fell apart before I actually followed through with doing it.

Yours look great. I'm adding this to my mental to do list for next fall!

kELLO! said...

pretty leaves! i'll have to do this next year

Linds said...

reminds me of home. your parents home. so cozy and beautiful.