things i am addicted to in the new york city...

i am addicted to...

small trips to the grocery store (less to carry)
the subway (when it’s running well)
the possibility that any given night there is something “happening” (it’s exhausting)
the numerous upon numerous choices of eateries, desserteries, yummeries (i feel like a rolly-poley)
walking everywhere (my shoes have seen better days, hence the need for a cobbler)
all the tiny shops, all the shopping (my wallet is getting thin)
the people, so many people (some of them stink or give you a piece of their mind when you don’t care for it)
broadway shows (but sometimes waiting in line for cheap tickets can get boring)

that's all for now.

p.s. i so glad it's march tomorrow. it's my birthday month. and i do celebrate all month! reference it here.


weekly highlights (with dreamy instagram photos)

my cute boy during breakfast // flowers from ben to me (they are still living, 2 weeks later!)
unisphere in queens - from the air // nyc skyline from the sky
my new desk plant from ben // my personal dressing room at my happy place (jcrew)
date night // columbus circle at night
costco date lunch + shopping (cole, suzie, elliot)

flight back from ann arbor (here, here, here). the flight was delayed ... surprised?

i have no memory of this day. besides the fact that i did my usual day at work and ben did his usual school day. oh! and ben took a midterm and rocked it. that's my boy.

wednesday, thursday... blurrr

work was so busy i barely had time to go to the restroom and/or drink water. yikes.
then date night out. we may or may not have eaten 3 dinners. and each one was incredible. our dates just keep getting better.

a trip to brooklyn to go to a huge (2 story) costco. we have costco in manhattan (harlem) but we made a double date (+ toddler) of it and met up with friendly friends. love them.
also, i went to lincoln center jazz with friend, amelia. saw diane reeves. she is amazing! and she covered an ani difranco song. best, ever.

church. walk in harlem. walk on upper west side. saw a celeb--- not a huge deal as it happens often but it's so funny that ben doesn't believe me that's it's a celeb until ben is like 2 inches from their face. ha. then he's convinced.


the promised photos of our harlem.

remember when i wrote this post?

i finally got out and took photos of our harlem. it was such a peaceful-almost-warm-day to do it.

here is some of what i wrote:

"i love that most all of the storefronts are ugly/contemporary/unsightly and the floors above the storefronts are beautiful.
i love wild olive market, so very close to us. we make so many little trips there that the workers know us and at least one of them is nice and makes conversation. they are finally starting to remember we "don't need a bag." (we try to bring our own bags every time or just carry what we buy.)
i love the street vendors, the random second-hand items, the cocoa butter, the essentials oil and the large-statement earrings.
i love the quiet streets lined with brownstones, some beautifully preserved and others boarded up and sad looking.
i love all the hole-in-the-wall restaurants. and soul food places. and even though i am not brave enough to try half of them, i do intend to try the other half.
i love that church is a short walk away.
i love finding gems likes parks, cafes, museums and historical sites.

what i'm really trying to say is, don't miss harlem when you visit nyc. it's rad. under-appreciated. a unique part of manhattan, nyc.

i realize this post deserves better photos and i plan to get those. promise. promises, promises"


tour de food (literally)

can't help matching cuz we's in love.
there actually is a tour de food in ann arbor :: it is hosted by zingerman's. zingerman's is sort of the do-all-epicenter of ann arbor food. every knows and loves zingerman's. before i knew very much about ann arbor, i knew about zingerman's. my bro-in-law, dan, who lived in ann arbor for 6 years talked about zingerman's all the time. all. the. time.

the tour de food requires that one visits each of the 5 zingerman's locations within 24 hours. then you get a free t-shirt! ha. their 5 locations are the:
roadhouse (sit down restaurant)
bakery (bakery) - bacon apple doughnut!
creamery (creamery - gelato + cheese)
coffeehouse (coffeehouse) - the hot chocolate!
deli (sandwiches, cheese, t-shirts - pretty much all of it is here) - the pickles!
the best part is with zingerman's, you get unlimited samples. ann arborites are known for being nice- not like new yorkers who get mad after you try 2 gelato flavors! i do appreciate the niceness, ann arbor!
so yes, we did the tour de food. and got our free t-shirt. totally worth it.

we also ate at grange kitchen + bar, which is one of those fancy "farm to table" places (i love these kinds of places because i am so uppity like that). for example, my meal: gnocchi with kimchi and a fried egg on top. so so good. i loved it. not to mention the chocolate sour cream cake with black pepper ice cream. i live for "weird" combinations of food. yummzers.

comet coffee is this tiny little sea foam green coffee shop, supposedly the best in ann arbor. we tried the caramel milk (steamed milk with dulce de leche) and i liked it!

frita batidos was at the back of my mind the whole weekend. i kept thinking i really wanted to go, but was nervous if it would be good or not. we finally decided to go our last meal- monday lunch.
oh. my. goodness. the fritas are their main thing- fried burgers in different meats like chorizo, chicken, beef, et cetera. i got the black bean frita. then of course, a batido - a milkshake. the coconut cream. it was so good, we ordered another.
i kind of want to go back to ann arbor just for this place. it was so so good.
so good.

not to mention! linda's homemade roasted potatoes and most of all, the swedish cream with raspberries. mmmm. thanks for feeding us and hosting us, linda + dave!

all in all, a well fed holiday weekend is a fine weekend by me.

the rest of our trip is here and here.


more scenes from ann's arbor

university of michigan (aka hogwarts)
showing off our hand-knit matching mittens (thanks, linda)
hollander's // one of many fairy doors
nickels arcade
playing dominoes during lunch

more photos from our weekend trip to michigan.

food tour of food to come.


photos from a2 (ann arbor) ... (that's in michigan)

at acme mercantile
west end books
moosejaw outdoor store
the get up (vintage)
treasure mart
state + michigan theaters

it's safe to say, ann arbor (a2) is decidedly rad. we visited a2 before, when ben's brother was attending the university of michigan (here).
but this time we spent our long holiday weekend in a2 to see ben's parents- they are on sabbatical there at uofm.

see a pattern? ann arbor lures people to its cute, sleepy-college-town self because of uofm. it's a great school and has many fancy academic programs. for fancy people.

not to mention, the food scene ROCKS and there are so many shops and treasures that can't be missed. i made a list before we left for ann arbor of all the places i wanted to visit and i got so excited when all the things were in little clusters, right near each other-
so i'd be like, "oh i want to go there!"
and then another place i wanted to go to would be right next door. or across the street.

that's what i like about small towns- it's all pretty close together.

i hope it's ok i mention that my in-laws said they were worried we'd get bored in ann arbor since we live in new york city.
on the contrary.
we all need a little ann arbor every once in a while.

or rather, when you live in the city- you need a little small town sometimes.

thanks to design sponge (ann arbor city guide), nytimes (36 hours in ann arbor), yelp, trip advisor and amanda (lives in a2) for all the guidance on a2 to dos, to sees and to eats.

p.s. is anyone else in denial picnik is shutting down? i need a support group... right. now.