face to face time

this is what we like to call, soft focus :)

the other day when i was asking my sister what she and her husband were going to do on saturday, she said, this and that and some "face to face time."

so i thought--- ahh yes, that is what we need. staying in together on a day when everyone goes out and eats in a loud crowded restaurant that may be overpriced and overrated.

instead i like cooking a meal together, fancier than usual, and setting the smoke detector off as much as possible.

during dinner we talked about how grateful we are to be together. our relationship. and when we were dating. which is always a funny topic because through it all--- all the happy times and all the complicated and heart breaking times...
now we can just laugh about it all and laugh about how we both have such different perspectives on memories and past events.

i wrote ben a card and in it i said (yes, i am quoting myself but after all this is my blog):
"i love that you love new york city. this place + you = makes my heart beat its happiest beats."

what did we give each other for vday?
i gave ben meat (to eat for dinner since we don't eat meat that much anymore - if at all)
ben gave me marshmallow fluff (because i just can't help but love it)
see? we're fancy folks.

p.s. if you're looking for a sweet argentinian film about the cutest little boy ever, watch valentin.

see our valentine's day in from last year.


shayna said...

Soft, romantic focus. I love your faces.

Cassie said...

I think Valentines day in is the best way to spend it!

The Proctor Group said...

Staying in is the best! We stayed in this year as well with a movie and ice cream:)

Kristen said...

You are just like Dad with your marshmallow fluff, girl. He'd be proud!

laden backpack said...

dated someone you know and once we bought a large jar of marshmallow fluff and a pound of walnuts. we dipped the walnuts in the fluff until it was all gone and we were
both almost sick. swore we would never do it again and
to the best of my knowledge we never have. oh how i miss the gold old marshmallow fluff days

Linds said...

i got excited when you said face to face time because i thought you meant facetime. as in--i'm totally in that cool kids club.

i would love to get you both to write down your love story. it would be a great family history thing---and it would be fun to hear it from both sides. i think i'll have randy do that too.