i'm legit now. i have a dry cleaner + a shoe repair guy.

one of the many beautiful churches in harlem // rock plaza
waiting for the subway (waiting, waiting...) // flowers from a new friend
kid in a candy shop // subway ride home
my food coma face (mexican corn on the cob) // subway art that describes ben + i (walking, eating ice cream...)

last sunday:: church. tried to shop for jason wu for target online but to no avail. hung out with my favorite ben.

monday:: watched "smash." that new nbc tv show. i think i like (i can't help myself!).

tuesday:: dropped off dry cleaning very nervously. i didn't want my clothes ruined! does that make anyone else nervous?
and then finally did our own laundry. every time i do laundry, i feel so grateful we have a washer and dryer. it's a miracle.

wednesday:: spent time together. i realize more and more with our lives getting so crazy that time together ---just time--- is so very important.

thursday:: met ladies from church for a date with magnolia's banana pudding.

friday:: dropped a few pairs of heels off at my local shoe repair and the guy at the shop told me i walk a lot. haha so funny. picked up my dry cleaning and was so relieved my clothes were ok.
i was able to clean the apartment. i decided i hate cleaning the apartment on saturday because it takes away from saturday time.
tried to order take out but it was an hour wait, so instead we ended up waiting about that long anyway to make dinner for ourselves.

saturday:: time together. breakfast at lunchtime. picked up my repaired shoes. and ben made friends with the repair man- he's dominican from the city ben lived in! they spoke spanish together and i swooned at ben's dominican spanish.
did some shopping. ate the best corn on the cob from cafe habana. i can barely express how good the corn is and it's just $2 for a huge corn. it's the mexican kind with mayo, cotija cheese and chili powder. mmm.
watched zooey d on snl. did you watch? (loved the quirky girls skit + the valentine's day song)


shayna said...

I freakin love corn on the cob. I love having a cobbler. I remember the first time I got my boots shined. I mean that literally, not the way you were thinking.

communikate. said...

you're totally legit! i've been meaning to find a good tailor and a cobbler. all my shoes are trashed from the walking and rain too.

and you are one pretty lady! love all these great pics (corn on the cob and all!) :)

carla thorup said...

still super jealous of the corn. mexicans always get it right.

and basically your whole week sounded right.

sienna said...

you are legit-- a dry cleaner and a dominican shoe guy. awesome. glad you put doing laundry and cleaning the apartment on the list, i always feel so accomplished when the laundry gets done and the house gets cleaned (even though i have to do it every week, sometimes twice a week).

The Proctor Group said...

I love your outfit while you were waiting for the subway and while eating corn! Both so cute! It helps you have a cute face.

Kristen said...

Mexican corn on the cob was what saved me on cold, cold winter nights in the high hills of northern Mexico. It is AWESOME! You walk a lot. I love you!

laden backpack said...

corn works best in the tank of a car as a bio fuel. give that some thought when you eat a half gallon of fuel next time

Linds said...

yummy treat dates sound like a lot of fun.
you do walk a lot ;)
cotija cheese is the bomb.
i heart zooey.

Peggy said...

I really laughed about the food coma and the subway art that describes you. Funny girl, I love you

Megan Marie said...

i simply love seeing your pretty face.

plus you're awesome.