a little bit of dc comes to nyc

"super secret"

somehow ben caught wind of a "georgetown cupcake soho" opening on [last] saturday. yep. free cupcakes for all. we had our oldtime favorite - key lime - and a newtime favorite -salted caramel-.

it's like since we haven't gone to visit dc, it came to us. err something.

very early on when we moved to dc- we discovered georgetown cupcake and went often (a little too often) - i think through those hard times of unemployment, adjusting to a new place and just adjusting to life::

it was our little sugar bomb drug of choice.

my love for that little georgetown cupcake shop died a little when the lines got all long and the owners got famous on tv (you see how fair-weather i am?)


i will always love that tiny tiny original shop that only 4 people could fit in and that we went so often that i just started to call it "cupcake"
mostly, for me- it's that gtown cupcake represents dc for me. and i miss it. and i need to go back. i need to just buy some bus tickets already.

funny how we make those connections? (connections to cupcake shops and places that is.)

read about my long-ago swoons over georgetown cupcake:
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communikate. said...

free cupcakes? yes and yes.

and i think as you and i have talked about this before, i kind of love/hate it when a food place expands to a different city.. awesome because you get to have it, not so awesome because now when you go to dc it won't be as special.

p.s. blogger meet up in portland rumors are spreading around the twittersphere like crazy.. you know you want to hop on the bandwagon! it's not like it's super far away or anything! :)

Kristen said...

Mmmm...salted caramel...

Courtney said...

i do love a cupcake. and a free cupcake to boot! can't beat that with a stick.

Kelli Anderson said...

free cupcakes. i'm drooling.

laden backpack said...

cup cakes are one of lifes simple pleasures. peeling the wrapper, biting the cake from underneath so you can finally have the cake with an overdose of frosting. it is such a pleasure it is almost sinful. put this place on the list of
things to do

Linds said...

i like taking the top off and turning it upside down---so the frosting is in the middle.

our sugar bomb drug of choice has been girl scout thin mint milkshakes. yummmy.

i liked reading those flashbacks. so much fun.