more scenes from ann's arbor

university of michigan (aka hogwarts)
showing off our hand-knit matching mittens (thanks, linda)
hollander's // one of many fairy doors
nickels arcade
playing dominoes during lunch

more photos from our weekend trip to michigan.

food tour of food to come.


shayna said...

Dominos. Woot woot.

Elizabeth said...

I love seeing places that I know so well through other peoples eyes. Being a life long Michigan resident and spending a lot of time in and around Ann Arbor it is so easy to walk right past amazing places without giving them a second thought. Though I did notice you hit a lot of my all time A2 faves (Treasure Mart, Hollanders - actually I hope that you had a chance to poke around Kerry Town). If you are ever wondering about some other South Eastern Michigan haunts I am always happy to pass along beloved places in my home state!

Amanda Jane Jones said...

oh man. Looks like you had so much fun! I sure love ann arbor. It's a lovely little place.

Next time you guys are in town let us know! We should grab a coffee or something. :)

Linds said...

i've always loved your mittens.
why aren't all universities built like hogwarts :)