nyc restaurant week + other eatings

although i have never actually eaten inside this wonderful place, it is worth a visit. it's in brooklyn's park slope neighborhood- which is just about as hip as brooklyn's williamsburg. get a banana split or the brownie sundae. or even the chocolate soda float. if you get the brownie sundae with your significant other, your relationship will double in size. whatever that means.
desserts $5-$18
hmmm... it was good. but maybe not worth the money? i mean fun for restaurant week. but the portions were so tiny. i am a little disappointed charlie palmer. ok why i am reviewing this?
maybe it was just us.
in the theater district.
so so good. unlike aureole this is a restaurant week must. sticky toffee pudding for dessert? won us over. everything was just really good and probably cooked deeply in butter. we loved the atmosphere- very woodsy and naturesque. and also it's in the east village. i heart that neighborhood.
seafood. i had this mahi mahi for my main dish and it has this fruity and then creamy sauce thing- i don't even know what it was but it blew my mind. the sushi was exceptional too. not to mention they make their own nutella ice cream that was just the right amount of nutella. not too crazy. just right.

co. (company)
pizza. really good pizza and salads. salad for appetizer, pizza for main. it all makes sense and it's not super spendy. although, get there early. fills up fast!

they will fry anything you bring them. or things they have there. like oreos. i had my first fried oreo here--- and although i shouldn't ever have another one in my life, for preservation of my life- i think i might sneak back here. east village (surprised?)
upper west side brunchery. smoked salmon eggs benedict. as well as their house made sorbets. mmm.

do you know restaurant week? dc did it. i hear a lot of places do it now. the "fancier" restaurants will usually participate in the week (or weeks) where there is a prix fixe menu for lunch and dinner (fixed price). so you can choose from a few options for your three courses. it's a good for test-driving the nicer restaurants if you are nervous about throwing your money at them. and you also get to EAT the food. that's my favorite part.
my other favorite part is it guaranteed three dates with ben, all alone to myself during that period. best.

this time around we did aureole, butter and ocean grill.
butter= best, will go back asap. ocean grill= great, will go back. aureole= glad we tried it. the end.


Brittany said...

I love that you love food.

And glad you liked Butter. All my knowledge of it comes from the Food Network/Alex Guarnaschelli and Gossip Girl, but I'll try it for myself one of these days.

Linds said...

butter should be the best. they have the best name ;)

kELLO! said...

fancy schmancy food! i dont think i would fit in in some of those places. i'm not very good at eating fancy food. i mean, i'm from the midwest. haha