photos from a2 (ann arbor) ... (that's in michigan)

at acme mercantile
west end books
moosejaw outdoor store
the get up (vintage)
treasure mart
state + michigan theaters

it's safe to say, ann arbor (a2) is decidedly rad. we visited a2 before, when ben's brother was attending the university of michigan (here).
but this time we spent our long holiday weekend in a2 to see ben's parents- they are on sabbatical there at uofm.

see a pattern? ann arbor lures people to its cute, sleepy-college-town self because of uofm. it's a great school and has many fancy academic programs. for fancy people.

not to mention, the food scene ROCKS and there are so many shops and treasures that can't be missed. i made a list before we left for ann arbor of all the places i wanted to visit and i got so excited when all the things were in little clusters, right near each other-
so i'd be like, "oh i want to go there!"
and then another place i wanted to go to would be right next door. or across the street.

that's what i like about small towns- it's all pretty close together.

i hope it's ok i mention that my in-laws said they were worried we'd get bored in ann arbor since we live in new york city.
on the contrary.
we all need a little ann arbor every once in a while.

or rather, when you live in the city- you need a little small town sometimes.

thanks to design sponge (ann arbor city guide), nytimes (36 hours in ann arbor), yelp, trip advisor and amanda (lives in a2) for all the guidance on a2 to dos, to sees and to eats.

p.s. is anyone else in denial picnik is shutting down? i need a support group... right. now.


communikate. said...

Oh you two! Always on a fun little adventure somewhere!! I love the photo of Ben and his dad in matchy matchy jackets. Cute. :)

and seriously... what the h picnik?! What will I do? And why are they closing it? Not cool google. Not cool.

Caroline said...

I love Ann Arbor as Marc's family all went to U of M and all live in Michigan. You guys are the cutest!!!

Anna said...

I love Michigan. And cute college towns. Yeah loss of picnik is sad, apparently they are also closing Google Friend Connect in like a week? Not sure if I am going to lose all my blog subscriptions or what... I always suspected Google was trying to dominate the world.

shayna said...

You went to Moosejaw? I always wanted to work for that company, because their emails we're funny. Let's start a funny company.

Linds said...

i want to go to treasure mart and find some treasure.