the promised photos of our harlem.

remember when i wrote this post?

i finally got out and took photos of our harlem. it was such a peaceful-almost-warm-day to do it.

here is some of what i wrote:

"i love that most all of the storefronts are ugly/contemporary/unsightly and the floors above the storefronts are beautiful.
i love wild olive market, so very close to us. we make so many little trips there that the workers know us and at least one of them is nice and makes conversation. they are finally starting to remember we "don't need a bag." (we try to bring our own bags every time or just carry what we buy.)
i love the street vendors, the random second-hand items, the cocoa butter, the essentials oil and the large-statement earrings.
i love the quiet streets lined with brownstones, some beautifully preserved and others boarded up and sad looking.
i love all the hole-in-the-wall restaurants. and soul food places. and even though i am not brave enough to try half of them, i do intend to try the other half.
i love that church is a short walk away.
i love finding gems likes parks, cafes, museums and historical sites.

what i'm really trying to say is, don't miss harlem when you visit nyc. it's rad. under-appreciated. a unique part of manhattan, nyc.

i realize this post deserves better photos and i plan to get those. promise. promises, promises"


shayna said...

And now for some pictures of where you work.

Linds said...

i'm in love with community gardens. and your neighborhood. and ben&memily. van pointed you out this morning. lovelove.

Cassie said...

Love all the textures at play.

Brooklyn said...

I always enjoy looking at your photos - these are lovely!

laden backpack said...

ya, what's up with the complete coverage. we loved what
we saw, lets see some more

Megan Marie said...

so lovely.