things i am addicted to in the new york city...

i am addicted to...

small trips to the grocery store (less to carry)
the subway (when it’s running well)
the possibility that any given night there is something “happening” (it’s exhausting)
the numerous upon numerous choices of eateries, desserteries, yummeries (i feel like a rolly-poley)
walking everywhere (my shoes have seen better days, hence the need for a cobbler)
all the tiny shops, all the shopping (my wallet is getting thin)
the people, so many people (some of them stink or give you a piece of their mind when you don’t care for it)
broadway shows (but sometimes waiting in line for cheap tickets can get boring)

that's all for now.

p.s. i so glad it's march tomorrow. it's my birthday month. and i do celebrate all month! reference it here.


shayna said...

And everyone that is related to you gets to celebrate all through the month of March too, right?

Linds said...

I love being rolly-poley ;)

communikate. said...

Birthday months are the best!!!

New york is rad. I like the idea of something always going on. Then again..the stress of knowing I should be out there participating and all the $$ it would cost might freak me out. :)

Daniel said...

17 days until we celebrate you =)

laden backpack said...

waiting in line for cheap tickets is always a blast because getting in for a cheap price is always a pleasure. I love it

The Proctor Group said...

I love that picture of Ben with his glasses. He looks awesome.