tour de food (literally)

can't help matching cuz we's in love.
there actually is a tour de food in ann arbor :: it is hosted by zingerman's. zingerman's is sort of the do-all-epicenter of ann arbor food. every knows and loves zingerman's. before i knew very much about ann arbor, i knew about zingerman's. my bro-in-law, dan, who lived in ann arbor for 6 years talked about zingerman's all the time. all. the. time.

the tour de food requires that one visits each of the 5 zingerman's locations within 24 hours. then you get a free t-shirt! ha. their 5 locations are the:
roadhouse (sit down restaurant)
bakery (bakery) - bacon apple doughnut!
creamery (creamery - gelato + cheese)
coffeehouse (coffeehouse) - the hot chocolate!
deli (sandwiches, cheese, t-shirts - pretty much all of it is here) - the pickles!
the best part is with zingerman's, you get unlimited samples. ann arborites are known for being nice- not like new yorkers who get mad after you try 2 gelato flavors! i do appreciate the niceness, ann arbor!
so yes, we did the tour de food. and got our free t-shirt. totally worth it.

we also ate at grange kitchen + bar, which is one of those fancy "farm to table" places (i love these kinds of places because i am so uppity like that). for example, my meal: gnocchi with kimchi and a fried egg on top. so so good. i loved it. not to mention the chocolate sour cream cake with black pepper ice cream. i live for "weird" combinations of food. yummzers.

comet coffee is this tiny little sea foam green coffee shop, supposedly the best in ann arbor. we tried the caramel milk (steamed milk with dulce de leche) and i liked it!

frita batidos was at the back of my mind the whole weekend. i kept thinking i really wanted to go, but was nervous if it would be good or not. we finally decided to go our last meal- monday lunch.
oh. my. goodness. the fritas are their main thing- fried burgers in different meats like chorizo, chicken, beef, et cetera. i got the black bean frita. then of course, a batido - a milkshake. the coconut cream. it was so good, we ordered another.
i kind of want to go back to ann arbor just for this place. it was so so good.
so good.

not to mention! linda's homemade roasted potatoes and most of all, the swedish cream with raspberries. mmmm. thanks for feeding us and hosting us, linda + dave!

all in all, a well fed holiday weekend is a fine weekend by me.

the rest of our trip is here and here.


communikate. said...

Oh my.

Food tour?!

You guys are our kindred couple spirits.

shayna said...


laden backpack said...

wow, you guys are our eyes on the world when
it comes to finding all of the amazing food places
and sampling stuff that i never even though existed.
yum,yum. Keep up the delicious postings.

Peggy said...

You look so different with bangs. You remind me our your grandma Esther in these pictures.
Miss you.

Linds said...

i'd do almost anything for a free t-shirt! especially suffer through all that delicious food ;)