weekly highlights (with dreamy instagram photos)

my cute boy during breakfast // flowers from ben to me (they are still living, 2 weeks later!)
unisphere in queens - from the air // nyc skyline from the sky
my new desk plant from ben // my personal dressing room at my happy place (jcrew)
date night // columbus circle at night
costco date lunch + shopping (cole, suzie, elliot)

flight back from ann arbor (here, here, here). the flight was delayed ... surprised?

i have no memory of this day. besides the fact that i did my usual day at work and ben did his usual school day. oh! and ben took a midterm and rocked it. that's my boy.

wednesday, thursday... blurrr

work was so busy i barely had time to go to the restroom and/or drink water. yikes.
then date night out. we may or may not have eaten 3 dinners. and each one was incredible. our dates just keep getting better.

a trip to brooklyn to go to a huge (2 story) costco. we have costco in manhattan (harlem) but we made a double date (+ toddler) of it and met up with friendly friends. love them.
also, i went to lincoln center jazz with friend, amelia. saw diane reeves. she is amazing! and she covered an ani difranco song. best, ever.

church. walk in harlem. walk on upper west side. saw a celeb--- not a huge deal as it happens often but it's so funny that ben doesn't believe me that's it's a celeb until ben is like 2 inches from their face. ha. then he's convinced.


communikate. said...

orchids are my fave. graham usually gives me an orchid for v-day, birthdays, anniversary. i love that they last longer than most arrangements.

you two are cute. love your date night pic and i like ben's glasses! new?

shayna said...

Hey, Emily. I LOVE COSTCO DATES. We have so much in common. Your hair looks really cute back in a bun.

whitney johnson said...

cute photos! and those yellow flowers are beautiful :)

laden backpack said...

who was the celeb, don';t do that kind of stuff and
leave me hanging, it isn[t any fun, from sydney au

Emily said...

Dear Shayna's sister,
If you are anything like Shayna (which I see you are), then I'm in love with you! And if you live in Harlem you need to be friends with the Wheelers. Words cannot describe how cool Jordan and Candice are. They're probably in your ward, maybe you already know them! Thanks for your comment on my blog, it made me feel special.

Linds said...

i am also a fan of the costco date.

i'm an anything ani fan.

i want to find a celebrity when i come next. and walk up to them and give them a high five.