what our "super bowl night" looked like

every year i think... are people really going to make a big deal out of this football game thing called the super bowl?

and every year, people do make a big deal... out of this silly game :)

i do love eating fun food for "no reason"
watching commercials that cost way too much money to air
watching the half-time show, since everyone has to watch it and have an opinion about it
and other things that make the yearly game a little more fun for people like me who don't actually like (or understand) the game!

not to mention jimmy fallon on, after the show. i heart jimmy.
his late night show always makes me laugh.


shayna said...

Favorite commercial? My favorite was the Greek yogurt one.

Brooklyn said...

Ha, that's what our night looked like too!

Anna said...

even though my ben has tried to explain the rules of the game, i still can't help staring blankly at the tv and zoning out at the moving figures. but an excuse to eat delicious junk food and hang out with friends is good enough for me!

Cassie said...

I don't even give in. No superbowl for me, though I would have liked to have seen Madonna perform...or at least, I think so.

laden backpack said...

Well now, super what? The man who has never
Watched a super bowl game didn't even realize that
It had all ready happened. Needless to say the Ferris
Beuhler ad was my favorite...never have gotten over
That funny movie from the eighties. I would have enjoyed
The food, though, sorry we missed even thinking about
It with you

Linds said...

m&m commercial all the way. i love 'those kind of parties' wink.

my night would've looked like :: me working at dispatch. eating brats, veggies, cookies and chips.

wishful nals said...

i agree. :) but hooray for delicious food!

kELLO! said...

his late night was awesome.
it was in indy, so that was exciting for us this year. we planned to go down friday night and meet up with our friends but i was a giant stress ball all week trying to figure out how we were going to take ike. so we bailed like patriot losers. but i hear it was awesome. but not the place for a newborn.

ya look snuggly. is nyc crazy? because of the giants?