east village // west village

the prettiest fire station (at 18th and broadway) // someone brought cheer to the dreary subway by somehow hanging that rainbow baby toywe like to par-tay
amelia, margaux, jenn, me - at m's birthday gathering

we met up, in the east village, with married friends who had some unexpected news. we thought they were pregnant. but really they are moving. (and we are sad.) we ate delicious food and got caught in the rain. my umbrella is a little broken and i was wearing leather boots. crap.

we went to a friend's birthday gathering in the west village. we talked girl talk and swapped funny work stories. ate fancy cheeses and drank a virgin mojito. mmm mint + lime.

other tid-bits
lately i wonder... how much of my life is spent at ground level as opposed to underground or stories off the ground?
i am tired all the time. i appreciate a clean apartment and clean laundry. i am grateful for a job and for health insurance. i am extremely happy in my marriage. i am also extremely happy when i eat delicious food.
ben said the other day, "i love that you're a health nut, but you're also addicted to sugar."

true. very true.


laden backpack said...

there was a time when I was commuting to Elko in the plane that the ground
and the air almost seemed to be one. Looking at the ground from above and then seeing it from the hills below took on almost the same perspective. It was odd because I flew multiple times a week and knew the air with it
various bumps and winds like I knew all of the curves in the road. Keep a little note book and figure it out, in the future the record will be introspect and you will enjoy having it.

sienna said...

glad that you and ben are so happy! you're really cute together too. glad that you have some good friends in ny too. we're due for an NYC trip soon. i've been checking the flights everyday. we'll keep you posted.

shayna said...

1. Who is moving? 2. Margaux fell asleep in the last picture. 3. You look great in the picture that Margaux fell asleep in. 4. Health insurance is the best. 5. I'm addicted to sugar too. 5. Are we related?

Linds said...

your hairs are so pretty.

The Proctor Group said...

I am also addicted to sugar. Are we related?