gramercy tavern

gramercy park
i want to live here
ginger virgin mojito --- incredible!
four desserts
real shiny face
springy yellow
yes, the bathroom was beautiful
the outside // and my beautiful man

on my birthday last week, we ate at gramercy tavern for lunch/dinner. i left work for the afternoon and ben ditched class and met me...

some nyc restaurants (or maybe just danny meyer restaurants) have specialty non-alchoholic drinks which makes me happy because water+soda are sort of boring sometimes. my ginger mojito concoction was so delicious. love love love.
we ate from the a la carte menu. yumm.

me - kabocha squash + endive salad, spicy maple dressing
ben - smoked trout, cipollini puree + pickled onions

me - braised lamb, barley + dandelion greens
ben - flat iron steak, parsnips, treviso + beef cannelloni

me - sorbets, black currant, roasted pineapple + mango lime
ben - fudge brownie sundae, salted cashew ice cream
complimentary little chocolates, macaroons, and tarts
complimentary birthday warm chocolate bread pudding, cacao nib ice cream

so we ended up eating four desserts. i mean... it was my birthday. so that's really what i wanted.

i loved eating there... everything was so well put together and the service was great.

and who wouldn't want to take a wednesday afternoon and just eat to their heart's content?


shayna said...


Brooklyn said...

looks like a delicious birthday celebration!

nomadic gnome said...

i love your dress! and your hair! lookin good, lady.

communikate. said...

Let's talk about your hot birthday dress! I love it!

And you two know how to celebrate. Looks like a great bday.

Emily said...

sounds like a dream. YUM.

laden backpack said...

put this on the list too. nice flicks of the place and the people. loved it when you were 26

Rhianne said...

oh gosh, I'm quite late aren't I but happy belated birthday love, I hope you had a great time.

I love your fringe btw, you look lovely with it :)

Linds said...

i love the candle.

and i think every wednesday should be a 4-dessert-day :)