hey ben :: remember that time...?

remember that time…?

when we traveled for 5 weeks in asia

when i graduated with my master’s degree

when you started law school (and were majorly jetlagged. so proud of you.)

when we walked around to see the holiday windows and rockefeller tree in the pouring rain (not fun. thought my leather bag was a goner.)

when we lived in dc… i MISS it

when we first met… i instantly nicknamed you ‘big + beautiful’ in my head. we talked about italy (because i had just returned from living there). and we talked about soccer. i called it a pitch (instead of a field) and you knew it was love. and probably, so did i

how we moved into our nyc apartment and the next day- our friends came to visit

when we were dating and each week we’d switch off paying for date night because we’re awesome equals like that (wink)

when we spent all night looking all around the city for an inexpensive christmas tree and we finally found one… a block from our apartment!

when our lives where slightly less busy in dc and we’d meet for lunch dates (i.e. here + here) and it was like a mini vacation in the middle of the day

when we sneaked some banana pudding to eat at the top of the rock (rockefeller).

when we took our first big trip together? it was our honeymoon, 3 weeks long and probably set the precedent for all future trips. we learned so much about travel, love, marriage and ourselves

i love you

p.s. i hope to write these things down a little more often. i don’t want too many special memories to escape me in my old age (i am approaching 26 years after all!)


Caroline said...

I love this!! Really sweet Emily!

laden backpack said...

our memories are such pleasant places to visit and to reside for a fleeting moment.They are always safe havens because generally we forget the
trepidation of the moment and remember only the best things that took place. You are so kind to your wonderful husband, always at the front of the class, ready to comment, compliment and to praise him. I bet he feels like a million dollars after this post. You could probably float a loan on that million dollar feeling. just kidding. keep posting. laden backpack

Emily said...

It still remember the exact moment you met Ben. I think I dragged you there... and it thinks it was around the time I fell for you too. wink. I have been feeling the need to write down memories too. So glad you shared. xo

Peggy said...

Memories. I have so many wonderful ones with you. I just got out a calandar from 2001 because I believe in recycling [more than most]. The dates match, so I'm using it. It has special memories written in on it like,"Emily's birthday"bold and red. Love it!

The Proctor Group said...

Sweet post. It's nice you guys have been able to travel so much and live in some really awesome cities.

Linds said...

old age is such a thief of my memories. i think that this is a wonderfully great idea.