i wore a bow tie last week.

i've been wearing bow ties lately... // new new york subway water bottlegrand central apple store // tiny baby shoe lost outside our apartment
pretty harlem street, on our walk to church // cute harlem art

i wore a bow tie to work. my second time in the last month.
i love it when ben wears bow ties, but i love that he has a variety of them so i can wear his...

was my birthday. we played + ate here.

we just tried to recover for all the fun and food on from wednesday (see above).

we met at the grand cental apple store because our computer is being silly. and i just love the gc apple store. it's on the upper terrace - all open. and it's huge. and just a really cool idea for an apple store.
when we got home we noticed a tiny lost baby shoe. sooo sad. regardless, we are lucky we see kids once in a while in harlem. there aren't a lot of kids about in manhattan...

we sauntered around soho, shopped and ate great food. we got the new york subway water bottle at the new rei soho.
we also rearranged some furniture around our apartment. i think i like the slightly different set up more.

church. sunday nap (happy).
and lots of other projects around the apartment. i like getting things done. i also got to talk to some great people on the phone. love.


megan said...

maybe you and ben should wear bowties on the same day... or too much?

shayna said...

I'm still celebrating your birthday. I've been eating candy for every meal in your honor.

laden backpack said...

I am going to join shayna on the candy thing and get with the program so you feel well celebrated. I have
decided that I really miss chocolate and that I need it, I mean I really need it, so it will be at the top of the list of birthday celebration items for your birthday month.

Caroline said...

Your. bow tie. is. amazing!

communikate. said...


C said...

You two are having way too much fun!!! I have fond memories of my trip to NY. And happy belated birthday.

Shokoofeh said...

Hey love your bow tie! :)

Linds said...

i had a dream that i decorated the kid's room in NYC decor. we got subway sheets and wall decals of the buildings. i think it's a sign i need to come back.

baby shoes are too cute.