i'm 26 years old ... and all of a sudden i'm in my "twenties"

we used to joke how beaver, utah is the 42nd most patriotic town in utah... because of this lovely sign at a rest stop. (beaver in a tiny town in southwest-ish utah. the main hot spot is wendy's.)
photo taken on my first trip ever with ben. we drove from northern utah to southern california to see my bro, wife and then new baby. and to play because that is what so-cal is for.

i think i'm getting wiser but i am catching on to the fact that i am getting old.


it's funny that i thought i'd want certain things by now. or the my idea of my life way back when is so different than what it is now.

i am twenty-six... and...

i love my husband. i am so lucky to be with him. i love that we took that road-trip to southern cal in 2007 and fell in love for the 87th time (currently, we are falling in love for the 790th time).
i live in new york, the city of. i feel excited, everyday, to live here. excited and tired because i am always doing so much.
i feel blessed for these things. for an education: one that has changed and shaped my life so differently, forever and for the better.
i feel blessed for a job. but also great coworkers and the ability to support myself and my favorite person.
i love to travel and eat. if you know anything about me, you know that my top three favorites are the husband, travel and food. and luckily all of those go together really well.
and luckily we are going on a travel adventure in less than two weeks.

in the past, it's been tradition in my family to have each family member say what they like about the birthday person, why they are thankful for them.
but i just wanted to say i am thankful to be alive.
and i am happy with life.

and i am glad spring came early, even though i like to think that
the first day of spring is march 21.
my birthday.


Brittany said...

Happy birthday, Emily. I think I've said this before, but I admire you so much--you're just what a fabulous woman should be in my mind.

laden backpack said...

Well, these years roll around with determined consistency. So odd how that happens to all of us. Celebrate your birthday without reservation. Even though we didn't make your short list we admire and love you and wish for the happiest of happys on your day.

communikate. said...

happy birthday, pretty lady!! i hope ben spoils you rotten (i have a feeling he probably already has.)

and another adventure! where to! any adventure sound great right now (as long as it involves sun.)

oh and p.s.. beaver's wendys is the only happening thing going on there.. wait don't forget the cheese factory. :)

Cassie said...

Happy Day to you!

hanner said...

26 was good to me. i think you're going to rock your late twenties. ;)

Brooklyn said...

Happy Happy Birthday! I'll be 29, tweeeennnty niiinnne in April...I can't really even process it :)

carla thorup said...

fillmore beaver!

never gets old. (or does it?)

happy birthay!! 26 is where the party's at!

(until Oct, when the party switches to 27 obv.)

Linda M. said...

Here's one of the thousands and thousands of things I like about you: you are wonderfully, brilliantly creative.
Here's one of the countless reasons I am thankful for you: you are generously, cheerfully kind.

Happy, happy birthday, Emily, dear.
I hope happy days will come to you all year!

shayna said...

You're the prettiest 26 year old I've ever known. I am thankful that you're my sister/friend. I love you more today than ever. Go get 'em this year.

laden backpack said...

amen to all

shayna said...

P.S. I still can't figure out where you put your second arm in that picture.

sienna said...

happy day! emily is 26! time does seem to keep marching on. it is nice to have an excuse to reflect back and realized how blessed we all are. i'm so happy that spring is here too!

Linds said...

happy birth.day.
i love you.

Carole said...

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