my birthday

it was misty outside and i was bummed. not everything can be perfect on your birthday.
i went to work. ben went to school.

i left work at 1pm and felt liberated and excited to be leaving work in the afternoon on a wednesday.
and the weather had cleared up. (!!!)
i met ben just outside gramercy park. what a beautiful park it is. and the neighborhood? we found a house we want to live in. i mean from the looks of the outside, that is.
we ate at gramercy tavern. full report on that later. best.lunch.ever. SO GOOD. so full.
walked around the area and wandered in and out of shops.

subway to times square to get tickets to a show.
got tickets to porgy + bess.
went home for an hour to recover. was worth it!
saw porgy + bess and were blown away. audra mcdonald is like uh-maze-ing. i highly recommend.
ate a little dinner/snack after the show. heheheeee.
walked home from subway on the "quiet" street. it was all foggy and beautiful and quiet so we hugged and kissed in the street. i loved it.
didn't get home until midnight.

so tired today.

all i wanted from ben for my birthday was to be with him, eat with him and see a show together. and i got all those things! it was perfect in its own way.

i was so overwhelmed and felt so loved by how many people wished me a happy birthday. i wish more days were like my birthday. can we spread the love around a little more? ha. thanks.


Courtney said...

happy belated birthday!...sounds like you had my kind of day: food fun and then more food

shayna said...

You deserved it all. love you.

laden backpack said...

this is still your birthday month. happy birthday month.

Linds said...

misty is so mysterious and can be lovely. leaving early reminds me of ditching 7th period. awesome! good food and fun show-you deserve it. and kissing in the street sounds so romantic and like the perfect end to your birthday festivities.