prelude to birthday week

more dry cleaning to be dropped off. we then went to get a shamrock shake because after all, it's seasonal and neither one of us had ever had one. and probably will never have one again. at least from mcd's. (there are quite a few homemade shamrock shake recipes, one here.)

got a delicious beverage and walked around the 'hood. photo of ben taken on that walk. i am loving this whole spring-in-march-in-new-york-city thing.

my cute office-of-peeps threw a happy hour for me and another newbie. i really like the people i work with. and unlimited shirley temples.

we walked to costco + target (hot date!!). it's pretty much the only time we can go and only time i want to go. no way am i braving costco + target on the weekend (madhouse).

i cleaned (spring cleaning!), he studied. we decided we should probably just go see a broadway, as a prelude to my birthday week. haaaa. we're obsessed.
we saw alan rickman in the play, seminar. it was RAD. really hit home for me... reminded me of academia and writing a thesis. woah.

ben taught sunday school and had everyone participating and laughing. my friend took me out for my birthday and we basked in the beautiful weather. ben went to this serious fantasy baseball draft (nerd) and so i hung with another friend- since it was all the way in brooklyn. oh joy.
i am grateful for friends.
but more grateful for ben.


laden backpack said...

what a great way to get ready for a great day. Birthday weeks and the days that precede them are always fun because you can indulge yourself without feeling the usual sense of selfish guilt. There is a certain amount of romance to the city; to be among all of those people and be so alone, that in itself is a romantic or at least a thoughtful concept. I remember passing the millions in London, in retrospect it was like video streaming of the face of mankind.
enjoy this birthday time, birthdays
at least in your twenties are great

communikate. said...

I love Birthday month. Sounds liek you're off to a great start.

Linda M. said...

Did you ever stop to think on your birthday, YOU are the gift? You are for me! Hooray that you were born!!!

Linds said...

such nice words from mrs. linda.