recent food of note

crif dogs
i kind like the idea of crif more than the actual place. the man at the register was rad. the kind of person you just want to talk to because they are fun. and all the signs and clever additions that added to the idea and motif of crif. the dogs were dogs. many bacon-wrapped (hence the temptation to try).
i think the coolest part of crif is the adjoining bar - please don't tell. that's the name of the bar. you have to enter the bar from crif- through a telephone booth. if you want to go, make a reservation at 3pm on the day you plan to go. sometime i want to go inside- just for fun, instead of peaking in through the phonebooth as it opens to let in patrons.
east village.
$20ish for two people.

city bakery
the hot chocolate. oh the hot chocolate. and it's worth it to buy the house-made marshmallow for an extra dollar.
pastries- the bacon maple scone, the bakery pull-apart. if you have a thing for pretzels, get the pretzel croissant.
union square (18th and 5th ave)
$12-$15, two people.

pommes frites
they specialize in belgian style fries. even the small size is a meal in itself. the mango chutney dipping sauce is incredible.
east village.

this one is famous so good luck on getting a table. well at least on the weekends for brunch. their mac 'n' cheese is to die for (get the mac attack) and they also have amazing desserts. including one that is like a giant reese's peanut butter cup, in luxury form.
in chelsea. plates are $12-$18.

hampton chutney co.
southern indian cuisine. which is really great+rare because not many places in the u.s. that i have found do southern indian. we both got dosas which are like really large crepes with your choice of fillings, like curried chicken or portabello mushrooms + goat cheese. plus a choice of chutney. we each got mango that was not so sweet, but savory and a really perfect pairing.
locations in soho, upper west side and the hamptons. good prices - $8-$15.


ChinkyGirLMeL said...

omg! that looks yummy. Just woke up and this just happens to be the first blog I read today. So with that said, I am inspired to make today a really yummy day!

communikate. said...

You had me at giant marshmallows.

shayna said...

Marshmallows are so in right now. I wish looking like a marshmallow was in right now.

laden backpack said...

marshmallows have always been in, particularly in my mouth. Best roasted golden brown, not torched, over a fire about 30 feet from a lake while swatting mosquitoes. write it down.