the things...

take-out tacos y taxes // goodbye winter saladcentral park on sunday (gorgeous) // free postcards (love)
more beautiful central park // my funny socks on my commute (gotta keep my feet warm)

the things...i remember from last week.

i realize that i don't remember everything from my week. i know on weekdays i go to work and ben goes to school, we come home and probably eat dinner and hang a little- but i guess those days are the more routine days that are hard to distinguish.
i obviously treasure those times. it's good to regroup especially when we feel so busy all the time. but that is city life. or just life.

we ordered take-out tacos (and churros) because we did our taxes. and it's a good thing because it was the highlight of the 5 hour tax adventure. last year i had 4 employers (don't ask), went to school and ben had 1 employer and went to school. not to mention we lived in dc half the year and then moved to ny.
next year... i look forward to having 1 employer and living in one place.

i attended a community meeting for our community garden. the community is still playing with my emotions- still not sure if i have a gardening plot. don't tease me!

date night. walked all around. we may have repeated a date we had a couple weeks ago (we ate only 2 dinners instead of 3).

we took our bottles and cans to get the deposit. SO not worth it. but a fascinating experience.
we then had some peeps over for dinner (made quinoa mac + cheese) and watched the premier of game change. yeah, we're nerds like that. (if that campaign fascinates you in the least, i recommend the film.)

i took a walk in central park with a friend (ben had an important paper to finish). i just couldn't help but get out and enjoy. it was lovely.

p.s. many nyc restaurants give out free postcards (as pictured). i have a collection. i love it.


communikate. said...

Oh man.. doing taxes last year was a nightmare. In 2010 we lived in three different states and had six different W2's. It sucked. This year doing taxes was a jif! Easy easy.

And love those socks.. :)

shayna said...

Yeah yeah yeah, we already talked taxes. I won't tell you how many clients I had. I love the socks. I love you.

laden backpack said...

Well as long as taxes seem to run through the thread of comments. I took mine to the c p a today and had a
Good but expensive visit, by the hour u know. Anyway,
I have three companies and major losses/gains in all, much more complicated but I am thinking I might make it through the ordeal. Loved the post, particulary fond of the reflection shot in central park and the shoes with the wild a crazy socks.impressive!

Linds said...

I hope you get a gardening plot. We're going plant shopping tomorrow for our little dirt patch.