antigua (ann-tee-gah)

antigua (pronounced ann-tee-gah) was beautiful but maybe our least favorite stop on the cruise... because of our choice in beach perhaps (but it was still a beautiful place, don't get me wrong). it was also our cheapest day. yes!

we brought lunch from the boat so we didn't have to endure crap beach food.
valley church beach -where we spent the day- was crowded and it was super spendy to rent a chair + umbrella. so we waited and used ones that people passed on to us. nice people.
the water wasn't as crystal clear as st. thomas + tortola.

but there was free wifi at the beach. wifi at the beach? beyond me.

the little shopping area near the port was cute and we bought some ginger ale made in antigua which was really, really good. a refreshing little treat. i just love gingergy goodness.

and a lot of famous people have homes on antigua. i feel like i need to go back to figure out why because it was kind of lost on me...


shayna said...

You're going to be disappointed by Mexico. It's just a beach, a bunch of people and a lot of cheese.

Courtney said...

we went to antigua on our honeymoon! i feel like when i tell people we went to an-tee-ga, they think i am saying it wrong...but that's how the locals say it! ha!

laden backpack said...

interesting observations about this place. Beaches are great but he isolated ones are without peer. thanks for the post.

Peggy said...

Oh, I just love the colors. You really make Antique [opps] Antigua look great, even if you say you can't understand the attraction.