carlisle bay
oops, i guess there weren't really any good photos of us in barbados. just of my feet?

barbados was supposed to be more british than britain but we just weren't seeing it.

on our way to the beach, we saw where rihanna grew up (near the cricket stadium). Our cab driver mentioned three times that the caribbean side of the island is the nice part of the island, with the nice beaches, hotels and restaurants.
good thing we hung out on the caribbean side.

we entered carlisle bay through a restaurant where we paid a cover charge, but we got chairs, an umbrella, wifi and a drink. so whatevs. we looked at the menu for lunch and we were so mad until we realized (durr) the prices were in barbados dollars (1 usd = 2 barbados). silly us!

we swam really far out because we thought we knew where the good snorkeling was. we didn't. so we got a smokin' deal to catch a boat and snorkel where there was sunken ship (so neat) and then where there were "turtles". we saw one turtle and ben may or may not have scared it away. oops.

we bought hob nobs at the port. a fun british treat (little biscuits). as we sailed away, we listened to rihanna... in her honor of course.


Bridget said...

gorgeous. you guys do some sweet travelin'!

Rhianne said...

you can't go wrong with feet photos, especially on the beach!

I love that you bought hob nobs, the ones with the chocolate are my favourite biscuit ever - I can eat a pack in one go though

shayna said...

A sunken ship? I love your life.

communikate. said...

hob nobs! we brought back a ton of those from london when we were there a few years ago. man i love all things british.

Peggy said...

Definitely not British, but I'd give it ten toes up.