dc weekend (part 2/2)

we got to hang with "new old friends" and convince all our friends to move to nyc. yes i am talking to you

on one our of many bike rides on sunny saturday (thanks, bikeshare), our friends, robbie+hannah asked if we ever miss dc and why...
it's so clean and peaceful and beautiful and you can see the sky! there isn't trash or gum or pee on the sidewalks! there is room to walk. the metro tracks are trash free too. amazing. ha. basically what i am saying is dc and nyc cannot be compared. they are SO different. and we are just glad we had/have both.... nyc isn't just full of trash i swear :)

we went to the hirshhorn smithsonian museum to see the rrrrrrad suprasensorial exhibit. we wanted to see song 1 but it was raaaaining at  saturday night. booo.

luckily the rain started late on saturday so we got through most of the day without problems. good since we were outside like the whole day! and also good because it rained ALL sunday. (cold, wet feet)
and did i mention we biked up capitol hill? to some that is no big deal (nbd) but my thighs... oh my thighs.

that's ok because i love capitol hill and so that bike ride was so totally worth it.

p.s. the photo of ben with baby is baby henry of julie+mark. we don't have a secret (very cute and chubby) baby.


shayna said...

I love secret babies. I have a few.

Peggy said...

Don't joke around, Shayna.

Em, the photos are Rad with a capitol R. Amazing.I love the exhibit. Thanks for sharing.

nomadic gnome said...

henry! haha, how fun to see his fat cheeks on your blog. :)
i love these twin photos, especially the one of you and ben in the hirshhorn. very cool. and i like ben's shirt.


laden backpack said...

I love the pics. Some pretty creative stuff. There is nothing like a good photo to fix the reality of a great time in your soul. Love photographs.

EunnieProctor said...

So fun you got to go back to DC!