dominica (the rainforest island)

i want her garden. she is my hero.
just a school bus crushed by a tree (back in the 70s)
cacao (chocolate) + coffee beans
when people ask which was my favorite stop on our cruise, i mention tortola for the beach and dominica because it was diverse and different and fun.

we caught a cab-van for the day with a family from slovakia (who live in dc as diplomats). our driver had his son with him which was cute to see all three kids talk and hang out together. we made a lot of stops - and our driver told us all about the island.

we stopped in the botanical gardens where we saw the school bus that was crushed by that tree. we got to taste cacao (ben says it's like starbursts candy) and coffee shell --- both the outside layer of the actual beans. you suck on them. don't bite.
we saw plants that retract when you touch them.
we saw a boiling sulphury hot pot.

we went to trafalgar falls which were beautiful and the water was cold - being up my the actual falls was like being in a hurricane. we hiked all around the boulderous rocks barefoot and i lost one of the lenses from ben's $2 sunglasses from india. sorry, ben.

we bought a bottle of coke because it is made there (coke is different in every country it is made in). it was very sweet coke.

we swam in titou gorge, which was so so beautiful, a slot canyon with a waterfall, with ferns growing all around. we have photos on our film underwater camera, hopefully those turn out.

i've always wanted to live on an island... and I DO. but someday i hope to spend some substantial time on a tropical island :)

favorite quote from the day, the driver was talking about how drugs are related to criminal activity on the island,
so the man from the family said: "what kinds of drugs?"
driver: "mostly marijuana."
man: "what about cocaine?"
driver: "yes, a bit of cocaine."
little girl: "oooo coconuts!!"



shayna said...

I freakin' love cacao. Eric and I used to crack them things open on the side of the car and suck the sweet, sweet nectar out of them.

Rhianne said...

Wow, I'm definitely travelling vicariously through you - what an amazing place. The crushed bus from the 70's is crazy.

carla thorup said...

your whole trip was coconuts.

sienna said...

tony's coworker just got back from Dominica and had some great stories to tell. Looks more like Hawaii. I never knew you had aspirations to live on a tropical island someday. Maybe we should all move to Hawaii.

laden backpack said...

love water falls. would love to swim in he pool below if it were warm, most as you know are cold, though. Bummer

Peggy said...

Wow, what a colorful, beautiful place! [except for the school bus.]
Yep, crack coconuts.