holding hands at midnight

sophie blackall print for my bday (thanks sister) // pretty little park in industrial harlem (126/2nd ave)
nice work if you can get it... // an actual lomography store!
ben and his newly put together lego empire state building // new york times building atrium

i got a pedicure... because i like my feet to be pretty for beach vacations. my friend i went with asked when the last time was i got a pedicure... in the summer of course! she was ashamed of me, she gets her nails done once a week. ha!

we got to meet up with ben's cousin, sarah again! second time this month. we are super lucky. she was here over night and so we all grabbed some delicious pizza dinner.
we then went to a cute bar on the west village for a friend's bday. sometimes it's more about being there to show love than to go and socialize, since the birthday person is usually too occupied to talk to each friend for a good amount of time.
oh well.

we decided we should meet and "try for a show." since we do all our [broadway] shows on the cheap, we usually don't get tickets until the day of. that can be a little stressful for a couple of planners, but we almost always succeed.
we saw nice work if you can get it, with that one guy, matthew broderick as its co-star. it's a new musical with many great songs like :: nice work if you can get it, someone to watch over me, 's wonderful, et cetera. we LOVED it. it's hilarious, fresh and fun. not to mention we saw it on the second night of previews* - so we got to see the characters mess up and laugh about it. and to see matthew on stage is delightful (sounds cheesy, but that is probably the best word to describe it).
but, i know someone who would be especially interested in seeing it (hi, dad).
*each broadway show has a period of "previews" before it actually opens. mostly to work out kinks and tighten things up.

we got ready for our trip that we are currently on. pack. clean. laundry. errands. there is always so much to do before a trip! it's sort of exhausting. (picked up photo supplies at lomography.)
our dinner that night included a spinach-fruit-smoothie in preparation for a week ahead of cruise food.

got on a plane to catch our cruise in san juan, puerto ricooooo!


shayna said...

In my next life I'm going to get pedicures more often.

Linda M. said...

An architect!
Bon voyage et joyeuses Paques!

Linds said...

i have a crush on matthew broderick.