in my mind i am still 19 running around with my boyfriend.

this photo was actually taken on our honeymoon --- it's one of my all time favorites.

we were on a cruise. on the isle of santorini.

and much like that week...
we are on a cruise this week!

this time in the southern caribbean. we aren't really "cruise people" + not really into the cruise "culture" but after our last big trip, i bet you would want to do a cruise too!

ha. i am super excited.
soak up sun, see 6 new countries and most of all - spend time with my love.


sienna said...

you two do know how to have fun!

shayna said...

Become "cruise people". Embrace it.

Linds said...

i want to be cruise people. or simply travel people. i can't remember the last time i took a trip. oh wait---it was so see you :)

you've inspired me to try to plan another trip. on second thought, i just need to stopping planning and just GO.