on the [cruise] boat

safety firstmy favorite photo of ben on the trip. yumm.
movies under the stars (a rad idea, princess cruises)
we loved watching the movies under the stars. well, twice we loved it. we watched
"the artist"
"the help"
both films we had been wanting to see... and i thought the outdoor setting was ideal. i LOVED both films. both powerful, both really great.

we went to afternoon tea on the boat. made friends with brits from liverpool.

our room was nice (we got upgraded) and we felt lucky and spoiled. we had breakfast in our room every morning.

one of the nights at dinner, the couple next to us listened to every word that we said.

ben's funny-while-he-was-sleeping quotes:
"you just have to ask!!"
"can't you see my eyes are closing?!"

steel drums played at every port. cold towels passed out as we returned to the ship for the night.

ben has a very serious air-guitar when he listens to music while laying in the sun.

we were sad our passports didn't get stamped. major problem for us!

all-in-all it was a pretty good experience. princess cruise-line is nice. the food is meh but bearable. better than most cruise-lines i figure.
cruises are just funny. i think they are fun to do every once in a great while.

and cruise boats are sort of like vegas on the sea (bad carpet, all-you-can-eats buffets, bad artwork on the walls, casinos).


laden backpack said...

hate those sinking ship drills where yoyou have to put on your life jacket. if everyone would just cooperate it would go faster and be more pleasant. Like the pictures of you two, Ben looks cool with a bowtie, must be something from his
growing up, seems like I see he
dad in similar garb. Love those
bangs. nice post

shayna said...

I like your dress and vegas on the sea.

Peggy said...

You two are so cute, watching movies at sunset on the waters. how romantic.

Joseph said...

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