our long awaited weekend in DC (part 1/2)

i HAAAAATE the new blogger. for those of you who just read and don't blog... you won't know what i'm talking about, the behind-the-scenes if you will. 
awful choice, blogger. awful choice. 
like... why is there so much space between my photos?!! why is the html so hard to change now? i hate you, blogger!!!


i loved dc. 
it was a pretty great weekend, in a pretty great place, with pretty great people and pretty great food. 

caroline was so nice and let us stay with her. she lives fairly near to where we lived in dc... so it was like being "home." 

we ate at spring mill (caroline's recommend, very good) and taylor gourmet (we also know about this sandwich heaven because of caroline).
and we also ate at cafe rio (in suburb virginia), good stuff eatery (we shared a burger from being so full from cafe rio) and founding farmers.

needless to say we ate pretty well.

we saw the new martin luther king jr. memorial. it was bigger than i expected and i was happy about that. i was also happy about the crowds that surrounded it.

part 2 coming when i have the patience for blogger...


hanner said...

i don't understand! i've been using the "new" blogger for a while and i like it... haha. i didn't realize that they hadn't made it all change a long time ago.

communikate. said...

I know, I've been using it for awhile now too, but really hated it at first. You'll get used it. Promise!

communikate. said...

PS, glad you had fun in DC! We haven't been back to Phoenix since we left (two years now) & I'm dying to go back.

shayna said...

That Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial is pretty rad. Can you imagine carving a man out of a rock?

nomadic gnome said...

the great milkshake spill of 2012 is forever ingrained on my heart. :)
you guys were a bright spot in a tough day! glad you came to DC for the weekend, and we hope you come again real soon.

Brooklyn said...

i hated the new blogger too! you can change it back to the "old blogger"...just click on settings in the upper right hand corner and select "old blogger" <---can't remember the exact wording but you'll see it :)

Peggy said...

I am missing going to your apartment in DC. Such fun. Caroline was so nice to house you.

laden backpack said...

I generally don't like any kind of blogger format. I am looking for the
day when I can think the monologue and it will appear on the page and then I can mentally edit my pictures and everything will be perfect. I like your pics of DC. thanks!