picnic in the park + weekcap

we weren't the only ones who thought of having a picnic...
a lovely gift from a lovely friend // picnic yumm (brie, grape + raspberry baguette)

since this week is all a blur (it's so hard coming back from vacation, really hard this time), i can't list by day...

we went to a rangers (hockey) playoff game. at msg (no, not the food additive but madison square garden). i like going to places that are famous, like the world's most famous arena.
and i also liked the fight songs for the fans. songs like "yeah, yeah, YEAH, YEAH, YEAH!" and "r-a-n-g-e-r-s!" songs have to be simple when all the fans are drunk :)

our great-lovely friends linny+randy had a baby boy #2. so happy for them. i love new life. can't wait to meet him.

we had our first chinese take-out delivery. we're legit now.

on saturday we knew we needed to have a trader joe's picnic. meaning we go to trader joe's at 72+broadway, get a baguette, brie, fruits (grapes + raspberries) and then walk to the central park with it.
i wish when the weather is good somehow everyone else in the city won't know. so we can picnic alone or avoid traffic jams on the sidewalks.
yeah, right.

i found out i have a garden plot in my community garden! best news all week for me (i have been trying to get a plot since we moved here in august). any tips on gardening would be much appreciated as i am very much a beginner...

we finally saw the film, bully. i hope that everyone will see it. and i hope we can all put an end to bullying. not to mention i know a few of the folks who made the film happen... and i feel like it's such an important film + such an important issue to tackle.
remember when i blogged about it here? back when it was called the bully project. see it. please.

all in all it was a slightly weird week for me because i was sick from exhaustion and trying to catch up at work and life.


shayna said...

The grass is so green. I need more brie in my life (but that's code for needing more of you in my life). I am so excited for the garden plot. I will grow things vicariously through you.

Receli said...

I love your pics Em. It really captures the vibrant colors and experience. It is like being able to take a little vacation just to read your blog. Thanks for the getaway! :)

Emily said...

I love your posts. I always look forward to reading. You look super pretty in all your pictures. I'm SO happy you liked the little DIY gift. I'm always a little nervous giving things like that. :) I need to come out an have a picnic with you, ASAP. I've got my fare watcher on... lots of love

laden backpack said...

trader joes is great. We are going to get the booze laws changed in this state so we can have one here. No traffic jams on the sidewalks so we
could use a good supply of the joe's picnic items. good post

Peggy said...

central park with skyscrapers in the background looks so fake. What a great shot.

I am really excited about the upcoming garden!