san juan, puerto rico, usa...?

old san juan
lunchy lunch
wall candidate for our apartmentalleys (the one on the left is a wall candidate)
go fly a kite!
el morro
the one on the left is a wall candidate
not a wall candidate
this person is my favorite person in the world.

i labeled this one domestic travel and international travel... because that's what it is! it's kind of crazy to be in a non-state --- we lived in a non-state before. and it's a strange, insecure feeling.

anyway. we loved san juan. even though we just had a few hours there and we carried our bags around with us. not to mention it was like so HOT. hawt. which was refreshing but NOT.

we were trekking around trying to find a good place to eat in old san juan - ben said old san juan looks like pirates of the caribbean/new orleans square in disneyland - and so we asked a local guy for a lunch recommendation:
he recommended subway, then wendy's, then burger king. blah. we hit up cuatro sombras and ate yumm sandwiches. they filled up our water bottle with a smile which makes us have a smile. they are supposed to have the best coffee in san juan if you're into that.

we then walked to el morro, a national monument-fort of sorts. it was really pretty. and worth the $3 entry fee. the park ranger thanked us for exact change.

ben let me get a piragua (shaved ice) outside el morro. the guy who made it was actually shaving a block of ice.

taxis were really expensive. but not quite nyc taxi prices.
one of our cab drivers gave us a verbal recipe for plantains. our little harlem market sells plantains. we need to buy and try.

we were really sweaty.

i want to go back. i liked it.

p.s. remember how we have wall photos in our apartment of all the countries we've been to? we need to add to it now. please vote.
do you think the green wall?
the first colorful alley?
or the tower of el morro?


communikate. said...

I really like San Juan (well, old San Juan the rest of it is like a dirty LA). I loved the blue cobblestones, and the charm. It almost has colorful European twist to it doesn't it?

Now, how about we all go back eh? We'll take you guys to Fajardo and then we can catch the Ferry to Culebra Island and camp for a week. It really is the BEST (and suuuper cheap!)

shayna said...

Alleys! "Go fly a kite. Well, not you, personally, sir."

ben said...

green wall, casue i love green. P.S. we went to san juan and saint john, same name two languages.

Rhianne said...

it looks amazing, I love the colours

Linds said...

i think i'll make ranger randy put in for a transfer to el morro.

my vote is tower. green is a close second.

laden backpack said...

I will go for the green. Some nice shots.
Keep em coming