st. thomas, u.s.v.i.

it's going on the wall (lindquist beach)
the most stylish little shells
food time
i was loving the beach hair

after leaving san juan, our first stop on our cruise last week was st. thomas (in the u.s. virgin islands).

we knew we wanted to go to lindquist beach because it was supposed to be beautiful (it was) and it was supposed to be not super crowded (it wasn't).
the safari-van-truck-taxi thing we took to the beach was full of people and to tell the truth, the first one we took broke down trying to go up a steep hill (very hilly, st. thomas is). so another one came to pick us up. us and the 15 other people in the truck.

hung at lindquist for a few hours, saw a bright green iguana and two weddings on the other side of the beach. steel drums were being played. we walked by and waved.
we snorkeled a little, snorkeling wasn't great but we did see a fish that looked like a butterfly.

we got some food that wasn't amazing but it was a fun atmosphere (duffy's love shack). we then rode another safari truck but this time it was much cheaper and kind of functioned as a bus - locals got on and off as needed. there was a little button to push above each row of seats so people could let the driver know when they needed to get off. for a long time we sat in our own row as the rest of the bus filled up.
a rastafarian man sat next to us, as he got on the bus he had to hold his dreads because there were so long. at one point (we were on the bus for a while), he started singing a song with a very bob marley feel and it was so cool. cool like we enjoyed it... and didn't feel uncomfortable like i sometimes do when subway performers burst into song. it was more like he was singing to himself, enjoying his day. so. awesome.

we got dropped off in the busy shopping part of town. ben tried on a breitling watch ($6k) with sandy arms (ha) but asked a bunch of questions about it. i love ben's desire to know so much about different things: like breitling watches with homing beacons.

ben wanted to find a good price on coke zero (heheheee)... we found some on our [long] walk back to the boat. the 12-pack of coke zero was near the bottom of a high stack of cokes at a convenience store. ben convinced the store clerk to do "jenga" with him, as ben held up the stack, the guy would pull the 12-pack out and put another in, in its place.
it worked. and it was funny.

pictured above, you can see ben carrying his/our 12-pack back to the boat.

saw big lizards sunning on the rocks on our way back to the boat.

i really liked st. thomas. a fun little experience. and we had cell phone service (wink).


shayna said...

Do you ever think St. Thomas will lose it's virginity?

communikate. said...

I love the coke zero story. Good job, Ben!!

laden backpack said...

I love lizards and iguanas, they also add
A sense of wildness to a walk or a visit to
The beach. I long for a zero coke and love to
Hear about the sacrifices people make to
Ease their desires. Yeah for St Thomas

ben said...

those beaches were way better than capistrano