tortola, b.v.i.

lots of fancy boats
yes, real.
patricia's beach bar. best. ever.
smuggler's cove (i guess it was only one smuggler's cove)
sailing off into the sunset

we shared a van-cab to smuggler's cove with 3 older british couples who travel together. they were pretty funny --- and that was probably due to the fact that things said in a british accent are usually just funnier.

we spent the entire day at smuggler's cove, it was so so gorgeous. and the snorkeling was really good, complete with a couple reefs. lots of coral (even some that was alive), sea urchins, pretty fish, et cetera, et cetera.
i like snorkeling. that is when i remember how to breathe correctly and there isn't water coming in through my goggles.

and patricia's beach bar made it all worth it - she makes her own jerk chicken... way better than the jerk chicken i had on st. thomas. like way better. not to mention she was so nice--- because everything tastes better when the cook is nice (?)
she lets her customers use her beach chairs for free. that was a bonus as we were there the whole day.
oh and before we actually ordered the jerk chicken for lunch, we were hesitant because of the not great chicken the day before. ben asked for a sample and got basically an entire portion... yet another plus of the kindness of patricia.

on our way back to the boat, we and the brits were all sweating like crazy but the driver insisted the air was turned on. ben knew this wasn't the case. the driver finally took ben's instructions and viola! air conditioning!
too funny.

tortola had the prettiest beach of all on this trip.


carla thorup said...


that beach is amazing.

and your whole trips looks the same way.

Linda M. said...

Gorgeous! I love the colors. Wish I was on that beach right now!

shayna said...

So, that color of water does not exist in Puerto Vallarta. I just didn't want you to be disappointed.

ben said...

I want to go back, when works for you? I could use some jerk chicken and a nice spot under a tree.

laden backpack said...

I think you doctored the colors on the water because I don't recall seeing that color anywhere except in your blog. I have to assume jerk chicken is likely jerky, just asked Peg about it and she said no, it is more like pulled pork except it's not. I used to eat jerk fish in Norway and it was. I am thoroughly confused by the blog but I am glad Ben got a double portion from a nice cook. Nice cooks are always like the best spices on the food. I am putting this down as a place to go. Wow

Peggy said...

we're with you when you want to go back, Ben. What a paradise with crystal blue waters. Love it!