sometimes, the best time to take perfectly posed photos is on the subway.

over the weekend, our buddddies -hannahrobbie- from dc came to visit (again)! we are so lucky :)
the theme of the weekend... because we have to have themes... was theater weekend. except, we only saw one show instead of two. sorry about the other one, guys. i am just as sad as you are that we had to miss it!
oh... you don't have a wrist band?


we got to see once which i have wanted to see as soon as it came out but of course i have been lazy about getting tickets. ben and robbie got the last 4 (rush, $27) tickets for saturday. and well once changed my life.
ha, i don't say that lightly either.

i LOVED once the film and loved the music and listen to it often. the film was really amazing.

BUT once the musical? everyone in the cast is also the orchestra and the crew and the ensemble. everyone was so multi-talented. they all sing, dance, play an instrument, incredible!
the leads, guy + girl were so [attractive] and daresay even more talented than the originals? *gasp*

the musical is not your typical musical, it's not show-tunesy at all (because if you've heard the music from once, you know). the set is just one set (a simple bar scene), they just change the props to shake things up. the characters all wear basically the same outfit/costume the entire time. and the choreography was very original and fitting for the show. oh i could go on and on about it.
but i won't.

i do admit... i cried during every song and was sobbing by the end of the musical. it has been a long time since i've watched the film and so although i remember most of the story, i didn't remember everything and it just all really hit me.

i guess i am just moved so much by live performances... by people who are actually good at what they are performing... and i am also really moved by music and lyrics that are folksy and romantic.

i loved it and it better win the tony for best musical.

post edit:
on 6/21/12 we saw once again (twice?). ha.

more things i loved and noticed:
the avant-garde dancing and choreography, it's so new and emotional and powerful
when guy plays "sleeping" the choreography is so powerful, everyone comforting one another every single thing is orchestrated perfectly. even taking the drums off set. putting the chairs down adding to the beat of the music.
the cast is not just an ensemble, but a band, the crew, the orchestra, the supporting roles, the backbone
both times they sing gold... (1) they are mocking him but then they play music with him, they are moved by it. they dance. (2) the band together overlooking the ocean... they are now friends and understand each other
when one band member asks another "are you married?" "yes, actually i am" "still in love?" ...smiles "yeah"
the powerful intro... how the lights fade and girl enters
"thanks for the company, i really needed it"
when he asks if she still loves him... ...
the czech subtitles
walking on moonbeams... staring out to sea...

my in-laws (linda,dave) noticed that the two leads had tears in their eyes at the end when everyone was clapping.


revisiting the cruise: some film + homemade video

nothing like revisiting a dreamy caribbean vacation than getting film developed and making one of my homemade videos.
photos were taken with a sprocket rocket toy camera (it's special because the image shoots on the sprocket holes of the film, as you can see- i love it). it was my birthday present. i have been lusting since this blog post by diana.
videos were shot with our iphones :)
and music is by coldplay: "paradise"



jimmy fallon!!

we got to see late night with jimmy fallon yesterday --- in real life!

our lovely friends had extra tickets so they shared with us. so so nice of them since it's a dream come true of mine to see his show :) he is my favorite. i have a giant-sized crush on him! he seems like such a nice dude. and i think he's super funny. definitely the best of the best in the nighttime shows!

studio 6b is small and incredibly full of the crew all the time. kind of fascinating to watch.

the video clip above is the segment we are in.
you can watch the whole thing (it's funny, dur) but if you want to skip ahead, we are at 3:00.

if you want to watch the full episode that we saw happen behind the scenes, go here.

i love jimmy. do you love jimmy?


met central

the metropolitan museum of art (or "the met") is such an incredible museum. it's HUGE. has an amazing collection of art, is right on central park and also has a rooftop exhibit every may-october. AND they have a "suggested" donation fee for entrance. love it.

we had never been to the roof so we took a stroll to see it on sunday. currently it is saraceno's cloud city... which is a series of cube thingies that are reflective so you get to take lots and lots of photos of yourself! not to mention see the pretty view on the roof.

after the museum we laid on our ultra-thin rei towels on the grass in central park, watched baseball games on the great lawn, walked by the theater for shakespeare in the park, saw the castle in central park (yes, there's a castle) and walked through pretty little hidden alcoves as pictured above.

this is something i love about new york or just central park - i always see something new.


robin hood annual benefit.

seth myers making jokes
jimmy fallon, brian williams and black thought slow-jamming robin hood neil young and then the roots (nbd)rihanna
every year, the robin hood foundation holds a benefit. we were lucky enough to attend this year and to learn more about this incredible foundation - that i heard about very soon after moving here.

something that i think is so important in philanthropic work is to focus on problems in your own community... and robin hood strives to alleviate poverty in new york city.
first of all, i think it's great robin hood is raising awareness that poverty is such an issue in new york - in our community - but also, it's such an issue throughout the u.s.a. too.

i remember talking to someone a while back that wasn't aware there are people living in poverty in the u.s. and i was flabbergasted... and sad that some relate poverty solely to third world countries or rather, places that are not near to where they live.

and this sort of organization that focuses on their own neighborhoods is really the type of org i'd want to be involved in and donate to as often as i could. i love it!

the night was full of excitement:

we got to see
neil young perform (nbd)
the roots perform
jimmy fallon, brian williams, seth myers tell jokes 'n' such
rihanna perform
not to mention see a bunch of celebs up close (tom brokaw, martha stewart, tyra banks, julianna margulies, et cetera)

see jimmy, brian and the roots slow jam robin hood here
it was inspired by when jimmy, brian and the roots slow jam the news on late night with jimmy fallon.


more of saturday because it's a special day

a few more photos from saturday because it was such a beautiful day.

to be clear, we were looking at an apartment for fun. real estate (aka finding an amazing apartment) is such a hot topic in the city. funniest part, turns out we know the people who own the apartment with best city views ever. woahzers.

p.s. on saturday we also got pedicures and 20 minute back massages. places in the city (like south of 14th street-ish) will do massages like $10 for 10 minutes kind of thing. it's awesome!
and we sat in father demo square in the village (greenwich village) and laughed at the fact that it is considered a "park." our definition of park has definitely changed... if it has a tree, a place to sit, thrown in a pigeon or two: it's pretty much a park!


on bleee-eee-cker street

matchy star wars shirts // tastyyummmm pizza
amazing city views // bleeeeeeeecker street

have you heard that simon + garfunkel song "bleecker street"? well it gets stuck in my head a lot, but especially when i am on bleecker street. i want to live on bleecker and sing that song over and over but also just say "bleecker" because it's fun to say. bleeecker.

last week:

ben had three finals. woah. after each one i felt so relieved - i can't imagine how he must have felt!

we have a wednesday night date. we took the bus down to the upper east side, grabbed dinner and tasti d-lite for the first time. and took the bus back. our neighborhood is so good for transportation! 1 big reason why i love it.

it was our anniversary. i am so glad i am with ben. i am grateful everyday.

the weather was amazing fridaysaturdaysunday so we took full advantage. we picnicked in the park, walked and walked, discovered new places, even went to an open house for an apartment (for fun) that has the best views of the city. it's right on the north end of central park in harlem, so you have the entire park and then you get the tall building skyline. it's INCREDIBLE. i mean... if you're into that :)


food celebration of anniversary [fratelli la bufala]

i walked past the corner of 76th and broadway a few months back and saw a sign that fratelli la bufala was opening soon. i got so excited and obsessed that i even emailed the manager of the store to find out when exactly they would open.

on our honeymoon in italy, our friends (my friends) treated us to fratelli. i think we ate more food that night than we had ever before--- because true to form, our italian friends just kept ordering more and more food. and the best part is all the mozzarella is buffalo mozz which is just a fresher, creamier, more flavorful version of the standard mozz most people are used to.

sooo... you can imagine our excitement when this place opened. we checked it out a week ago and didn't actually eat there until just barely friday. when we checked it out the manager gave us a slice while we were just hanging around and said, "a prezent-ah!" a present for us? we love him.

the pizza is so good... you can tell mine is cheese cheese with some more cheese and ben got the margherita.
we also got a couple other things to share, including a ricotta cheesecake with a digestive biscuit crust. such a great idea and so very delicious. my next homemade cheesecake needs to be made with ricotta.

oh and the centerpieces are herbs... like basil and rosemary.

the service kind of sucked - in the sense that they are new and still working out the kinks. the people were nice but need to be a little more attentive.

but that didn't matter since we were reliving our moon-of-honey and mozzarella.

p.s. i think at one point a fratelli opened in dc's georgetown but closed within like 3 weeks. weird.


[con te partiro] [our anniversary]

four (4!!!) whole years ago today, we got married. just two cute kids, got married in provo, utah.

i feel so indescribably happy to be with ben. everyday i love him more (i probably say that all the time).

something that i have learned... and something i say a lot as well, is, we are a team. on the same team. so when things feel otherwise, i have to remind myself, we're in this together. and even though marriage takes work, it might be the only work that is worth the extra effort.

i so appreciate ben's positive attitude, his kindness and his uncanny ability to make me smile.


the above photo was taken on our wedding day just before we left our wedding celebration. our friend was singing to us (she was an incredible singer). she sang, "con te partiro" by andrea bocelli (many may know it as "time to say goodbye"). it's really not about saying goodbye to a person but a place--- it's about two lovers leaving their country together. and that's what we did. we ran off to italy the next morning (+4 other euro countries for 3 weeks).

links to:
anniversary 1
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a building covered in vines.

a building covered in vines // one of my frequented subway stationsred rooster (yumm) // garden :)
east river // harlem from metro north train tracks

last week...

we hung with our friends, more specifically, lovely tony who visited from utah.

ben had his reading week before finals (yes law students get a whole week). so much studying. the end is near...

we sushied and ice creamed in the east village, with one of our favorite people, nathan. nathan is one the reasons i am grateful for my place of work, so glad i know him and sit next to him.

i went to a dog park on the east river to meet up with some friends, some friends who have two little dogs. i now understand why they love their dogs so much because they are SO CUTE. if only we were responsible enough to own a dog and/or if only we had time so the dog would not be neglected...

ben was super supportive and patient and helped me find a dress for an upcoming event (found it at century 21). we wandered around the uws and discovered one of our very favorite italian (from italy) places finally opened. we are going on friday!


the dry spell is over (yeah visitors!)

we didn't have visitors from december until just last weekend when our dc friends came... we (i) thought maybe we'd (i'd) done something wrong? why wouldn't people want to visit us every weekend in this raaaaad place?
i think it might have been because it was winter. i'm sticking to that theory.

because now the boys (visitors) are back in town.

our long lost friend, tony came to visit/work last week and got to stay with us friday! we all met up (me, ben, tony, suzie, cole and elliot - s.c.e. are our lovely brooklyn friends who also know tony from way back when) for dinner/ice cream/shaved ice for friday night date night.

i forget how much i love tony's fun, charismatic and optimistic personality.
we also like to swap a lot of cool techy tips with tony. yes, ben + i do love technology.

saturday we grabbed brunch at the best possible spot in our neighborhood, red rooster. apparently you don't need a reservation for brunch. yippee! read about our dinner visit here.
brunch was way good... get the french toast. comes with whipped nutella and this strawberry compote syrup thing.

we walked around the 'hood a little... saw the building that collapsed on west 123rd street, saw our community garden (tony taught me a lot about gardening, he's a pro) and then we (sadly) walked tony to the metro north train so he could go see family in westchester county.

i love friends. i love friends who visit. i love friends who visit and love to eat. BEST.


underwhere? underwaters.

a turtle in murky water
the photo makes me laugh every time.

here are a few underwater/water shots from our recent trip.
i could really get used to beachwatersunshine living.

yes please.


well last week of course

last week

i was wishing i had that outfit from when i was little still... but in my current size.

ben and i got sa-weet tickets to a mets game and took friends with us. i heart baseball live. it's such a social fun sport, especially with a row of energetic dominicans behind you.

we planted our garden and apparently ben knows a bunch about gardening. he was totally holding out on me.

our friends came to visit from dc. and we ate and ate and saw a show and hung in the park and ate.
best. ever.

otherwise we scraped from the bottom of the fridge, until we realized all we had was milk... so that made the grocery list easy. one of everything, please!

the weather was chilly. and i hope for more spring this week and less pretend spring.
how is it that i got to talking about the weather? i guess i am just small-talking it with my blog now.

in church, people talked about the importance of social media. i think social media can be a really great tool. let's use it wisely.

peace out.