friends who visit + eat their way through manhattan with us.

after our visit to dc last weekend, our friends robbie + hannah just couldn't stay away.

they had a case of the bemilys.

hannah described our weekend as the food trip... i guess that is what you get with us. i confess that as soon as someone says they will visit, i start writing down places i think would be best to eat. it was also a little cold this past weekend (except for saturday, midday) so being indoors was appealing.

we tried some new places, we hadn't been to... which takes a lot of trust on our part because i especially get nervous since i don't want to disappoint anyone and be responsible for the poor food choice. the newbies were:

momofuku noodle bar (east village, about $10-$15 for noodles). i got these ginger scallion noodles with pickled shitake mushrooms. i would march on down to the east village right now and get more.

we also tried chinatown ice cream factory. really, really rad with flavors like red bean, black sesame, lychee and toppings like mochi. i want to go back. i need to spend more time in chinatown. it's like being in hong kong or just china...? ha.

i kind of laugh to myself how late in the game we became friends with robbie + hannah (just before we moved from dc)... but then again, nyc --> dc is only a bus ride away.
and we can just spend all our efforts, convincing our friends to move up here already.


oh and we saw leap of faith on broadway. i'm addicted to them broadway shows. 


communikate. said...

I want to eat my through Manhattan with you guys. I'm pretty sure you'd be just the right tour guides for us! :)

p.s. I'm a total food planner when I hear guests are coming too. Forget about the attractions, let's talk about where they want to eat!

hanner said...

sigh. THAT ICE CREAM!! all of it. how about we have a theater weekend... in a month? :)

shayna said...

I love that ice cream factory. I LOVE FOOD!!! but I love you more. Just so we're clear.

laden backpack said...

Well, let's see. Food is great but nothing beats those bright lights on those talented actors dancing and singing their way to your heart and soul. However, having said that, when
you are hungry a play doesn't mean much so let's see a bunch of plays preceded by a bunch of great meals. In that context the food makes more sense. Put em all on the list, especially leap of faith, saw the movie years ago with Steve Martin and Debra Winger. Lots of food with
tomatoes and tomatoes based sauces
adorned with copious amounts of
spices. Great post. Good friends all
bring out the food in us.

sienna said...

i love our small mormon world. robbie and i were in the same freshman ward, then hannah and robbie were in cole and suzie's ward in provo, then they moved to DC and became friends with you guys. sounds like a fun weekend.

carla thorup said...

you and that ben, such a handsome couple!

i'd like to eat with you guys.

Peggy said...

So many commments. I love the food, famous theater and you, friend, best of all.

You and Hannah have the same scarf only in different colors! How did you manage that!