the dry spell is over (yeah visitors!)

we didn't have visitors from december until just last weekend when our dc friends came... we (i) thought maybe we'd (i'd) done something wrong? why wouldn't people want to visit us every weekend in this raaaaad place?
i think it might have been because it was winter. i'm sticking to that theory.

because now the boys (visitors) are back in town.

our long lost friend, tony came to visit/work last week and got to stay with us friday! we all met up (me, ben, tony, suzie, cole and elliot - s.c.e. are our lovely brooklyn friends who also know tony from way back when) for dinner/ice cream/shaved ice for friday night date night.

i forget how much i love tony's fun, charismatic and optimistic personality.
we also like to swap a lot of cool techy tips with tony. yes, ben + i do love technology.

saturday we grabbed brunch at the best possible spot in our neighborhood, red rooster. apparently you don't need a reservation for brunch. yippee! read about our dinner visit here.
brunch was way good... get the french toast. comes with whipped nutella and this strawberry compote syrup thing.

we walked around the 'hood a little... saw the building that collapsed on west 123rd street, saw our community garden (tony taught me a lot about gardening, he's a pro) and then we (sadly) walked tony to the metro north train so he could go see family in westchester county.

i love friends. i love friends who visit. i love friends who visit and love to eat. BEST.


shayna said...

Winter is the worst. People eat more to stay warm and then they get too warm and have to work off the extra "warm" so that they can feel comfortable about visiting friends. (maybe it's just me who eats too much and gains "warm")

Peggy said...

Are you kidding! I looked at the pancaked building, holy cow. How close was that? Boy, buildings pancaking in NY are becoming a habit.

I think I'll have the French toast instead of pancakes, please. Sorry, bad jokes. I'm just glad you are okay.

sienna said...

looks like fun. i told tony it's a good thing he's a foodie and he had some good foodie tour guides.

laden backpack said...

Crepes for me and who ever else would like to indulge