food celebration of anniversary [fratelli la bufala]

i walked past the corner of 76th and broadway a few months back and saw a sign that fratelli la bufala was opening soon. i got so excited and obsessed that i even emailed the manager of the store to find out when exactly they would open.

on our honeymoon in italy, our friends (my friends) treated us to fratelli. i think we ate more food that night than we had ever before--- because true to form, our italian friends just kept ordering more and more food. and the best part is all the mozzarella is buffalo mozz which is just a fresher, creamier, more flavorful version of the standard mozz most people are used to.

sooo... you can imagine our excitement when this place opened. we checked it out a week ago and didn't actually eat there until just barely friday. when we checked it out the manager gave us a slice while we were just hanging around and said, "a prezent-ah!" a present for us? we love him.

the pizza is so good... you can tell mine is cheese cheese with some more cheese and ben got the margherita.
we also got a couple other things to share, including a ricotta cheesecake with a digestive biscuit crust. such a great idea and so very delicious. my next homemade cheesecake needs to be made with ricotta.

oh and the centerpieces are herbs... like basil and rosemary.

the service kind of sucked - in the sense that they are new and still working out the kinks. the people were nice but need to be a little more attentive.

but that didn't matter since we were reliving our moon-of-honey and mozzarella.

p.s. i think at one point a fratelli opened in dc's georgetown but closed within like 3 weeks. weird.


Linds said...

This looks incredibly delicious!
I like moons and honey.

shayna said...

Don't I have a nice rack?

communikate. said...

Mmmm... Looks awesome.

Brittany said...

I've just been wanting to go to Italy lately. And you didn't help. Thanks, girl.