jimmy fallon!!

we got to see late night with jimmy fallon yesterday --- in real life!

our lovely friends had extra tickets so they shared with us. so so nice of them since it's a dream come true of mine to see his show :) he is my favorite. i have a giant-sized crush on him! he seems like such a nice dude. and i think he's super funny. definitely the best of the best in the nighttime shows!

studio 6b is small and incredibly full of the crew all the time. kind of fascinating to watch.

the video clip above is the segment we are in.
you can watch the whole thing (it's funny, dur) but if you want to skip ahead, we are at 3:00.

if you want to watch the full episode that we saw happen behind the scenes, go here.

i love jimmy. do you love jimmy?


communikate. said...

I love it!! All my NYC dreams are coming true through you guys! Way to represent!!

pst.. even cooler that you got on the show, Yip yip!

communikate. said...

and he's totally crush worthy.

shayna said...

I love how you're playing it cool. Trying to not do an "ugly laugh face." You're pretty.

Mugdha said...

Luckkky!! Man, that's so exciting!

Linda M. said...

You two have so much fun! I love to follow your adventures.

Peggy said...

That was a fun surprise to see you two sitting behind the guy trying to upstage the actor. How great to see a live show.

EunnieProctor said...

What?!? I love Jimmy Fallon! You guys are awesome!