met central

the metropolitan museum of art (or "the met") is such an incredible museum. it's HUGE. has an amazing collection of art, is right on central park and also has a rooftop exhibit every may-october. AND they have a "suggested" donation fee for entrance. love it.

we had never been to the roof so we took a stroll to see it on sunday. currently it is saraceno's cloud city... which is a series of cube thingies that are reflective so you get to take lots and lots of photos of yourself! not to mention see the pretty view on the roof.

after the museum we laid on our ultra-thin rei towels on the grass in central park, watched baseball games on the great lawn, walked by the theater for shakespeare in the park, saw the castle in central park (yes, there's a castle) and walked through pretty little hidden alcoves as pictured above.

this is something i love about new york or just central park - i always see something new.


shayna said...

You always have a nice amount of sky in your pictures.

laden backpack said...

I hope they put some wolves in central park someday just to give it that true wilderness appeal. howling wolves in the evening over the din of the city, that would be so cool and they would have a lot of space to roam. Food could be a problem, though, but I am sure that enterprising restaurants would probably help the project. That was pretty random, wasn't it?

Peggy said...

So is that metal stucture the castle? I haven't ever seen it but the park is such fun with the city behind