more of saturday because it's a special day

a few more photos from saturday because it was such a beautiful day.

to be clear, we were looking at an apartment for fun. real estate (aka finding an amazing apartment) is such a hot topic in the city. funniest part, turns out we know the people who own the apartment with best city views ever. woahzers.

p.s. on saturday we also got pedicures and 20 minute back massages. places in the city (like south of 14th street-ish) will do massages like $10 for 10 minutes kind of thing. it's awesome!
and we sat in father demo square in the village (greenwich village) and laughed at the fact that it is considered a "park." our definition of park has definitely changed... if it has a tree, a place to sit, thrown in a pigeon or two: it's pretty much a park!


shayna said...

Everything looks so green in New York.

communikate. said...

Hello, NEW YORK! Sounds like a great Saturday to me.!

Peggy said...

Ah, that's the fun photo of you and Ben that you sent your Grandma. So cute, but then all your pix are.
Love the panorama of the park.