on bleee-eee-cker street

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amazing city views // bleeeeeeeecker street

have you heard that simon + garfunkel song "bleecker street"? well it gets stuck in my head a lot, but especially when i am on bleecker street. i want to live on bleecker and sing that song over and over but also just say "bleecker" because it's fun to say. bleeecker.

last week:

ben had three finals. woah. after each one i felt so relieved - i can't imagine how he must have felt!

we have a wednesday night date. we took the bus down to the upper east side, grabbed dinner and tasti d-lite for the first time. and took the bus back. our neighborhood is so good for transportation! 1 big reason why i love it.

it was our anniversary. i am so glad i am with ben. i am grateful everyday.

the weather was amazing fridaysaturdaysunday so we took full advantage. we picnicked in the park, walked and walked, discovered new places, even went to an open house for an apartment (for fun) that has the best views of the city. it's right on the north end of central park in harlem, so you have the entire park and then you get the tall building skyline. it's INCREDIBLE. i mean... if you're into that :)


shayna said...

Apartment hunting for fun is so much better than for real. So glad you have a great place to live.

Peggy said...

Bleeker, bleeker, bleeeeeker. It is most entertaining.

Yea! for Ben! Are they over yet? Those finals.

Are you thinking of moving?