sometimes, the best time to take perfectly posed photos is on the subway.

over the weekend, our buddddies -hannahrobbie- from dc came to visit (again)! we are so lucky :)
the theme of the weekend... because we have to have themes... was theater weekend. except, we only saw one show instead of two. sorry about the other one, guys. i am just as sad as you are that we had to miss it!
oh... you don't have a wrist band?


we got to see once which i have wanted to see as soon as it came out but of course i have been lazy about getting tickets. ben and robbie got the last 4 (rush, $27) tickets for saturday. and well once changed my life.
ha, i don't say that lightly either.

i LOVED once the film and loved the music and listen to it often. the film was really amazing.

BUT once the musical? everyone in the cast is also the orchestra and the crew and the ensemble. everyone was so multi-talented. they all sing, dance, play an instrument, incredible!
the leads, guy + girl were so [attractive] and daresay even more talented than the originals? *gasp*

the musical is not your typical musical, it's not show-tunesy at all (because if you've heard the music from once, you know). the set is just one set (a simple bar scene), they just change the props to shake things up. the characters all wear basically the same outfit/costume the entire time. and the choreography was very original and fitting for the show. oh i could go on and on about it.
but i won't.

i do admit... i cried during every song and was sobbing by the end of the musical. it has been a long time since i've watched the film and so although i remember most of the story, i didn't remember everything and it just all really hit me.

i guess i am just moved so much by live performances... by people who are actually good at what they are performing... and i am also really moved by music and lyrics that are folksy and romantic.

i loved it and it better win the tony for best musical.

post edit:
on 6/21/12 we saw once again (twice?). ha.

more things i loved and noticed:
the avant-garde dancing and choreography, it's so new and emotional and powerful
when guy plays "sleeping" the choreography is so powerful, everyone comforting one another every single thing is orchestrated perfectly. even taking the drums off set. putting the chairs down adding to the beat of the music.
the cast is not just an ensemble, but a band, the crew, the orchestra, the supporting roles, the backbone
both times they sing gold... (1) they are mocking him but then they play music with him, they are moved by it. they dance. (2) the band together overlooking the ocean... they are now friends and understand each other
when one band member asks another "are you married?" "yes, actually i am" "still in love?" ...smiles "yeah"
the powerful intro... how the lights fade and girl enters
"thanks for the company, i really needed it"
when he asks if she still loves him... ...
the czech subtitles
walking on moonbeams... staring out to sea...

my in-laws (linda,dave) noticed that the two leads had tears in their eyes at the end when everyone was clapping.


Linds said...

I always look forward to your reviews. This makes me want to run out and watch the movie again.

p.s. I adore your posed photo :)

shayna said...

It's funny. When I saw your tweet about seeing "Once," I thought, "that's the same title as that movie I once saw. I liked that movie." I didn't realize that there was a connection. I definitely want to see that.

communikate. said...


communikate. said...

just kidding.. i have more to say, but i'm sure you have an idea what it is.. something along the lines of... "i'm so JEALOUS!"

once the film is a favorite, and swell season is well... just simply amazing. glen and marketa have such an amazing stage presence when they perform. i'm interested to see how these other actors did with those roles.

Rhianne said...

I LOVE this film, I didn't even realise they did a musical, I am suitably jealous that you saw it and I love that you loved it so much, I hope they bring it over here :)

EunnieProctor said...

So jealous! I love the movie and music. I would love to see the show one day. Sounds like a fun weekend!

Peggy said...

I had never heard of the movie or the play. I am out of it, all right, but I do love broadway.