revisiting the cruise: some film + homemade video

nothing like revisiting a dreamy caribbean vacation than getting film developed and making one of my homemade videos.
photos were taken with a sprocket rocket toy camera (it's special because the image shoots on the sprocket holes of the film, as you can see- i love it). it was my birthday present. i have been lusting since this blog post by diana.
videos were shot with our iphones :)
and music is by coldplay: "paradise"



Peggy said...

Great video. what a Paradise. Love it!

laden backpack said...

Well, it is fun to see the video. Videos are great and have come into their own as a means of artistic expression. I love my GoPro camera, you will have to fiddle around with it the next time we are in the same city. You both have definite individual styles and I love that too. Keep the posts coming. Love the sprocket rocket camera, looks like there is some extraneous light on the film, was that planned or was that a photographic catastrophe?

shayna said...

Finally watched this. Loved it. Paradise.