robin hood annual benefit.

seth myers making jokes
jimmy fallon, brian williams and black thought slow-jamming robin hood neil young and then the roots (nbd)rihanna
every year, the robin hood foundation holds a benefit. we were lucky enough to attend this year and to learn more about this incredible foundation - that i heard about very soon after moving here.

something that i think is so important in philanthropic work is to focus on problems in your own community... and robin hood strives to alleviate poverty in new york city.
first of all, i think it's great robin hood is raising awareness that poverty is such an issue in new york - in our community - but also, it's such an issue throughout the u.s.a. too.

i remember talking to someone a while back that wasn't aware there are people living in poverty in the u.s. and i was flabbergasted... and sad that some relate poverty solely to third world countries or rather, places that are not near to where they live.

and this sort of organization that focuses on their own neighborhoods is really the type of org i'd want to be involved in and donate to as often as i could. i love it!

the night was full of excitement:

we got to see
neil young perform (nbd)
the roots perform
jimmy fallon, brian williams, seth myers tell jokes 'n' such
rihanna perform
not to mention see a bunch of celebs up close (tom brokaw, martha stewart, tyra banks, julianna margulies, et cetera)

see jimmy, brian and the roots slow jam robin hood here
it was inspired by when jimmy, brian and the roots slow jam the news on late night with jimmy fallon.


communikate. said...

You look gorgeous girl! Sounds like a killer gig. You guys always have the hook ups with places.

Linds said...

You guys are famous. I love your philanthropic endeavors. You make me want to be more giving and aware.

shayna said...

And you look dashing.

Linda M. said...

Super cool!! All that AND Jimmy Fallon (your fav, right?)!

laden backpack said...

This is amazing stuff and...you and
your sweetheart look sooo great. Nice blog.

Peggy said...

Oh good, we get to see the dress for the ball, Cinderella [and Prince Charming] you both look smashing. I love the hot pink on you.